Dr. Craig Wright in front of a crowd on the Bitcoin Masterclasses

Dr. Craig Wright paints a vision that is hard not to get on board with, lawyer James Duggan says

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The Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Craig Wright was a huge success, and it has already held three workshops tackling different critical technologies and industries like peer-to-peer technology, IPv6, Bitcoin blockchain implementation, multicasting, and security.

Broad topics like P2P economies and privacy were discussed during the first The Bitcoin Masterclasses in London. Among Dr. Wright’s audiences were chartered accountant and Bitcoin enthusiast James Duggan as well as music producer and DJ Rui da Silva.

In their interview with the CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the workshop, the two said Dr. Wright was their biggest influence in attending the masterclasses, with Duggan briefly explaining that his interest in Bitcoin and triple-entry accounting also pushed him to participate in the course.

“I first got interested in Bitcoin back in 2017,” Duggan started. “When I took a look at it, it seemed obvious to me, really. So I looked into it more, and it sort of fits in with my background as being an accountant. Triple-entry accounting fascinates me. That’s why I did a bit more research and fell down into the rabbit hole.”

As for da Silva, apart from Dr. Wright’s influence, the technology pushed him to attend the course. “I find the technology very interesting, even for my industry. And the technology, I think, will fix a lot of problems that exist,” he said.

When asked about their experience, Duggan said he gathered a lot of insights because of the depth of knowledge Dr. Craig Wright has for Bitcoin.

“Broad, wide range of topics. Lots of little bits of insight here and there. A lot of it I’m aware of already. But then you hear Craig talk about certain things, which you’ve never thought about before; the vision he paints is hard not to really get on board with. I think it just seems like the obvious next step for the Internet, really,” he said.

Stay tuned for the next Masterclasses workshop, as Dr. Wright will discuss NLOCKTIME and delayed transactions. You can watch the Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Wright on the CoinGeek YouTube channel.

Watch: The Bitcoin Masterclasses with Craig Wright – Confidentiality, Privacy, Anonymity, Party to Party

YouTube video

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