Dr. Craig Wright on why law matters

Dr. Craig Wright on why law matters

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has become rife with fake news promoted by people with ill intent and for quick financial gains. With the industry being vastly divided into ever-warring factions, slander has become the order of the day. No one knows this better than Dr. Craig Wright. He has been attacked by media outlets as well as on social media platforms. However, he has never let the attacks distract him from his purpose and in a recent blog post, he reminded us why law matters and why the time for personal attacks against him is about to come to an end.

Dr. Wright responded to the misled narrative that has flooded media platforms and social media as well: that Bitcoin is about taking down governments and for use in crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. And for those peddling these and other fake news, their time is limited. He stated:

But the lazy cowards are coming to the end of their time. In court and under the provisions of evidence law, I get to step in and walk you through the creation of Bitcoin. Not in the way that people who want a system to collapse government say was proof, but through the use of evidence laws.

Dr. Wright pledged to “systematically destroy the false reputations of all those who have corrupted his creations.”

And while he has always been under attack from those who continue to benefit from the misuse of his creation, we tend to forget that he didn’t ask for it. He wrote, “I did not ask to come out into the media as Satoshi. I did not attempt to conform to be what people falsely claimed to promote myself as. I simply refused to deny I was Satoshi because doing so would be a lie. I created Bitcoin. Not the system that has been created upon it and the changes into the vast of a broken system that people call BTC, but the Bitcoin of the white paper I released in 2008.”

With the detractors focused on attacking him, Dr. Wright has forged on with his work. He is set to complete his 1,400th white paper which will lead to even more patents, with at least one resulting from each paper.

Just as he has always done, Dr. Wright insisted that he didn’t create Bitcoin so that people can use it to evade taxes or to offer anonymity to criminals. One of the factors that have led to the success of Bitcoin while all prior similar systems failed is that it acts as an immutable evidence system.

While he could have engaged in the same dirty tactics that his detractors have resulted to, Dr. Wright instead chose to use the established legal system. He boldly concluded, “I choose to face my opponents, as slimy and cowardly as they are, in court, for it is the place where their lies and falsehoods will start to come apart.”

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