Bitcoin is the future, and the trolls of a global digital currency

Bitcoin is the future, and the trolls of a global digital currency

A Bitcoin video caught my attention recently. No, it wasn’t a video about market movement and which tokens to buy or sell. No, it wasn’t about the politics of the space, or the ways Bitcoin is changing the world right now. It was a simple, short video, shared by a friend, and it gave me a good laugh:

Now, before we get into my thoughts on the video, it’s clearly a faked video created for parody. The font on the lower half of the screen doesn’t match what Wheel of Fortune normally has, and I don’t know what the original answer was. But the parody has taken on a life of its own, and it inspired a thought:

We must ditch the “Bitches in the Future” if we want Bitcoin to be the future.

The crypto space has too many trolls, that’s something everyone can agree on. That’s the reason Dr. Craig Wright left Twitter and took to legal action against his detractors. They’d made the space too toxic to continue staying in, and he chose to leave the space to focus on what’s important. That’s a great lesson or us to learn from, which I’ll return to in a minute.

Trolls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just terrible people who enjoy using a platform to tear others down. That’s exactly why the Metanet is aiming to put a cost on social platforms, to weed out those who have nothing good to say.

Others though, at one point, started out as honest cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and have taken their viewpoint to an extreme end point. Rather than focus on the thing they love and find ways to grow it into something better, they seek out the competition to tear it down. This is a toxic mentality that will eventually be the cause of their ruin.

For Bitcoin to gain the adoption necessary to become the digital currency and public data ledger of the world, the community that supports it must be seeking to foster community and growth. New adopters, be they individuals or businesses, need to feel welcome to that space.

That’s not to say that everyone should be welcome. Clearly, those with criminal intent should be outcasts, and dealt with in the legal manner appropriate to what they are perpetrating. Trolls who are not for anything, but against everything, have nothing to add to a community, and we shouldn’t wait on them.

They are the “Bitches in the Future.” They seek to ruin a good thing by making it an evil in the eyes of the public and the law. They make the Bitcoin community look like a group of squabbling children, by filling up social media with garbage.

For Bitcoin to be the future, we have to get past these groups and build the case to the world that, with a massively scaling blockchain, as found only with Bitcoin SV (BSV), we can solve problems and create a more efficient businesses. As companies like Centbee are proving, we can help lift unbanked populations into the modern world, and provide them easier access to financial tools than they’ve ever had before.

As important and huge as the end goal is, returning to the theme of the video, we can do it with a smile and a laugh. Bitcoin is the future, and it will take some hard work getting there, but if we can’t do it with a laugh and a smile, then we’re the bitches too.

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