Dr. Craig Wright on the reason for law

The reason for having laws should be obvious to everyone, but sometimes people need even the simplest things explained. While cramming in all of the reasons into a short article would not be possible, Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright takes a stab at explaining some of the reasoning in a recent Medium post, discussing how laws are a solid foundation that can make the distinction between evidence and hearsay.

In supporting his explanation, Wright refers to documents that carry his signature, as well as those of other individuals. These are samples of documents that some have tried to use against him, claiming them to be forgeries or falsifications, despite no evidence to support those claims.

Wright explains, “You are responsible for what you say and print. When you make a false allegation claiming that someone has engaged in fraud and that you have proof of it because of a claim made over Twitter or some other source, you better check the probity of the source before you decide to repeat it.”

He rightfully adds, “When you take something that has not even been admitted as evidence, let alone proven to be true, and you decide to use it in defaming someone, you better have deep pockets, because in time, you who defame and slander and libel will face action.”

Wright is about to start court proceedings related to charges against him. It’s going to consume a significant amount of his time, but he knows he has law on his side and has the documentation to back it up. Those who have chosen to try and drag him through the mud will learn the hard way how their lack of ability to concentrate on the facts, and only chat based on supposition and hearsay, are now going to have ramifications.

Wright adds, “There is a reason people in groups like Wikileaks seek to attack me, promote lies about me, and defame me. Such groups seek a world where they have power. (…) They seek a world where records are altered, changed, and copied and where they can set the truth, come back, and change it at will. (…) Anonymous and the other groups that support Wikileaks have hated me and everything I stand for a long time. They have hated me not for what they claim, but for a system that provides immutable truth that cannot be altered, a system that provides a single record that stops corruption, a system that makes fraud expensive and stops all they are supported by. With Bitcoin and Metanet, there is no reason for WikiLeaks and no way for such anonymous cowards to hide.”

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