Dozens convinced to try Bitcoin SV after second Manila meetup

Dozens convinced to try Bitcoin SV after second Manila meetup

The Bitcoin Jeepney made its second stop for a meetup in Manila on April 20. It dropped by the Handlebar Grill in Makati, and Bitcoin fans came together to have a great time and share their appreciation for the reborn Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV (BSV).

The event was hosted once again by John Goldberg, the mind behind the Bitcoin Jeepney and creator of the Pixel Wallet and Forever Fund. Food and drinks were available for rock bottom prices, and Goldberg provided free jeepney rides around the neighborhood for anyone who wanted to try the vehicle out.

Goldberg said of the event:

“Tonight’s event was full of people having a good time, talking and using Bitcoin SV. We had many users get to experience Pixel Wallet which allows user to send Bitcoin SV encoded securely into an image. The platform works on popular sites like Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Email and many others allowing users to connect globally.”

All in all, 40 BSV enthusiasts showed up to the event, joining the 50 or so regulars at the bar. That’s a pretty good turnout for an Easter Saturday in Manila, when typically, everyone tries to leave town and enjoy some time in smaller towns or at the beach.

The organizers of the event convinced the bar to show an interview of Bitcoin Ambassador and CoinGeek Founder Calvin Ayre, talking to CoinGeek’s own Becky Liggero.

The enthusiasm of the BSV’ers was overflowing, and got the attention of the regulars at the bar. Nearly all of the onlookers decided to sign up to either Handcash or Centbee.

The event was made possible by many of the businesses that have already adopted the digital currency of the future. Goldberg said, “We would like to thank CoinGeek, Handcash, Centbee, MoneyButton, Fivebucks, SimplyCash and Streamanity. These platforms, services and wallets that we can use Bitcoin SV daily we thank everyone for coming out.”

The next wish by the group was to see greater BSV adoption in the Philippines, namely by the country’s biggest exchange platform, “We hope to see companies like to start accepting BSV in the Philippines,” said Goldberg.

If you missed out on the fun because you were a little too far away, maybe you can join the CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference, running May 29-30. Registration is easier than ever, and discounts are available if you use Bitcoin SV through Coingate.

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