Are you ready for the 2nd Bitcoin SV Meetup Manila on April 20?

Are you ready for the 2nd Bitcoin SV Meetup Manila on April 20?

It hasn’t been long since Bitcoin Jeepney went for a spin around the busy streets of Manila to promote Bitcoin SV. Now, the project that promotes the original Bitcoin, which has been rebirthed in Bitcoin SV (BSV), is revving up once again to take on Makati for the 2nd Bitcoin SV Meetup Manila.

The event, which will take place at the Handlebar Grill in Makati on April 20 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., is a casual gathering not just for Bitcoin enthusiasts, but also for the first timers in the space to know more about BSV and how it is enabling the world’s new money.

Back in January, BSV supporters in Manila rang in the New Year with a casual, relaxed gathering to celebrate the grown-up version of Bitcoin with Bitcoin SV. At the time, the event organizers promised to hold another event this April so more people can join the fun. And they’re making good on that promise.

Attendees to the 2nd Bitcoin SV Meetup Manila on Saturday are encouraged to download the HandCash or Centbee wallet apps so you can receive free BSV and pay for your beers at the meetup. Make sure that you have your BSV wallets on hand because there are special PHP1 ($0.019) drinks available at the bar, which are payable only with BSV.

The first 50 guests will also get custom shirts at the door, according to the organizers.

And for those looking forward to hitching a ride with the now famous Bitcoin Jeepney, here’s your chance: the bright green vehicle will be running on a mini route around the event’s location for four hours during the meetup. If you see it, don’t hesitate to flag it down and take a picture, and make sure to tag the organizers with #BSVPH.

While we’re at it, why not come celebrate the renewed life of Bitcoin, and all the developments happening with Bitcoin SV, with all the world leaders in on-chain scaling at the CoinGeek Toronto conference this May. It’s easy to register and pay with the world’s new money. You’ll even receive a discount too by using Bitcoin SV via Coingate.

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