Bitcoin Jeepney rings in New Year by taking Bitcoin SV for a spin in Manila

Bitcoin Jeepney rings in New Year by taking Bitcoin SV for a spin in Manila

Bitcoin Jeepney, the project promoting the original Bitcoin—now reborn as Bitcoin SV—in the Philippines, rang in the New Year by going for a spin around the busy streets of Manila.

It all began when Twitter user @TommyQ39734945 tapped the Bitcoin Jeepney team for a casual gathering he organized for January 5 in Makati. The meetup’s purpose, according to Bitcoin Jeepney, “was to have a casual open time to meet people at are first timers in the space” as well as for existing users of Bitcoin SV.

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Needless to say, the event held at the Howzat Sports Bar in Makati was a resounding success.

According to the Bitcoin Jeepney team, they had “a two-day notice and we couldn’t say no as it sounded like so much fun and we always support Bitcoin SV. Tommy’s personality and excitement filled the place as everyone was smiling and had so a great time mingling and relaxing. For two-day notice, this, hands down, was one of the coolest, most relaxed events that we have been to. He set the bar really high for 2019. Ideas were flying at this event full of excitement and laughter celebrating a new grown-up version of Bitcoin with Bitcoin SV.”

Many of the event’s attendees wanted to take pictures with the newly-designed Bitcoin Jeepney—now sporting Bitcoin SV on the side—and also to enjoy the vehicle’s welcome interior.

More importantly, the attendees were able to socialize—even staying well after the event officially wrapped up—and also enjoy their new HandCash wallets.

“People there had real questions and we gave real simple answers, and then we asked if we could set them up with HandCash wallets,” according to the organizers. “Some didn’t want in the beginning and just wanted to listen, which was fine. What we did is then post their handle on Twitter and a few people from the community with #pingapenny started sending in a few cents and we showed them, This is coming all the way from Australia, this is coming from London, and this is coming from the China. They were amazed by how fast it worked.”

Dale Dickins, co-creator of Bitcoin Jeepney, also got the energy going from across the globe, encouraging people to send little amounts.

“The people that attended were amazed. We said, ‘Check your phone now,’ and all kinds of messages rolled in. That is when other people that earlier didn’t download a wallet started asking questions and said can they get a wallet as well we set them up and showed them how easy it was to use. We showed them a true proof of work and how simple and fast Bitcoin SV works,” according to Bitcoin Jeepney.

The Bitcoin Jeepney project started out as a humorous take on the initial coin offering (ICO). The test pilot vehicle is a bright green jeep called “Gen,” and the project organizers aim to install RFID payment systems into jeepneys along with free Wi-Fi to support the transactions within the vehicle.

The group is looking at organizing another meetup in April, but this time with a six-week notice so more people can join the fun. To find out where the Bitcoin Jeepney is headed to next, follow @BitcoinJeepney on Twitter.

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