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Since the dawn of time, humans have competed against each other, pushing the boundaries of the possible in a technological arms race. While the recent past might have seen competition in the space race or in arms development, the new frontier is in the development of tools capable of handling the most precious resource of our time—data.

Data is the new oil, an inherently valuable asset for businesses, governments, and by extension the individuals creating it. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, there are practical ways for recording, storing, and managing that data within a protocol that can act as a base layer for a whole new Internet of applications and services.

The Middle East is one of the world’s major economic regions, a corner of the world experiencing significant economic growth as it increasingly embraces technology. Dubai in particular is at the forefront of the emerging fintech and blockchain scenes, in part due to its reputation for embracing new technologies and throwing policy weight behind supporting emerging sectors like blockchain.

Bitcoin Association has previously worked extensively in Dubai to help raise the profile of BSV enterprise blockchain. Recently, a Bitcoin SV delegation joined Bitcoin Association in attending the 14th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit, providing a platform from which they were able to speak about the benefits of the BSV protocol, as the superior implementation of blockchain technology.

In his keynote speech at the event, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said Bitcoin is en route to becoming the most powerful data network in the world since the Internet.

“Bitcoin can become the most powerful data network in the world since the internet that we need to make it easier for businesses and governments to use the Bitcoin blockchain. We need Bitcoin or Blockchain as a service, tools to make it easier for all of the billions of interactions which I think are possible with Bitcoin SV.”

Event host Sir Anthony Ritossa described BSV as an impressive fusion of data and money, a development that would support businesses around the world.

“Bitcoin SV is the most impressive fusion of data and money that I’ve come across for enterprises. Not just here in Dubai in the UAE and across the Middle East, but also around the world.”

Now, Bitcoin Association is looking to go a step further in its support for the technology in the region, setting up a strategic hub to foster innovation and education around the advantages of BSV.

Setting up a base in this economically important region will provide Bitcoin Association with a strategically located platform for reaching into other countries. For example, Sudan recently saw a delegation head across to host a Bitcoin summit there, raising the profile of Bitcoin at a crucial time as the country’s economy grows on its development journey towards a digital future.

The hub will also promote resources for training a new generation of developers and innovators in the skills essential for building in the Bitcoin future.

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