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Domineum’s Mohammed Jega on CoinGeek Backstage: We’re taking Bitcoin SV to the grassroots in Africa

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Africa has continued to shine as a Bitcoin and blockchain hub, with the likes of Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya consistently making the Top 10 lists for digital asset adoption. Mohammed Ibrahim Jega is right at the heart of this Bitcoin adoption, pushing BSV uptake in Nigeria and beyond. In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, he broke down how he has been spearheading BSV uptake at the grassroots level in Africa.

One of the biggest partners for Jega and his Domineum team has been academia, he told CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero on the sidelines of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai.

This partnership with academia enabled Domineum “to take the message down to the grassroots through the students. They can now understand what blockchain is, how they can use blockchain. We also trained lecturers so that they could include blockchain in their curriculum.”

This partnership laid the foundation for Jega, and later, he was able to reach out to government agencies, educating them on what blockchain offers them, he pointed out.

Domineum has set up a lab in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, where they foster innovation on the blockchain. The lab “has given us great insight into the appetite for blockchain and [taught us] that we need to do more.”

Jega and his Domineum co-founder Geoffrey Weli-Wosu organized the inaugural Blockchain Developers Summit in July, bringing together over 1,000 developers, startup founders, and government officials to talk about blockchain technology.

The summit was geared toward developing blockchain solutions for African problems, “for us, by us,” Jega told CoinGeek Backstage.

With thousands of blockchain networks in the market, Jega believes that only BSV can liberate Africa. With its very low fees and infinite scaling (hitting 35 million transactions in a day recently), BSV allows African innovators to develop solutions for challenges like low financial inclusion and costly remittances. Already, Centbee is showing what’s possible with its remittance solution, which is cutting down the cross-border funds transfer process from 3-5 business days to just a few seconds.

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