Delphine Forma talks blockchain regulation and compliance on Crypto Valley Association podcast

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF) Chief Compliance Officer Delphine Forma was recently a guest on the Crypto Valley Association podcast. Forma, also a board member of the Crypto Valley Association and the OpenVASP Association, discussed with podcast host Sheraz Ahmed several aspects of blockchain and digital currency that are related to regulation and compliance. 

They start with discussing Forma’s journey into blockchain and digital currency compliance, and how she came from the compliance sector in legacy banking before making the transition to compliance in the blockchain and digital currency space. Afterward, Forma went on to discuss TAAL’s role in the blockchain and digital currency industry.

“[TAAL] started as a crypto mining business in Canada, we are actually listed on the stock exchange in Canada, but we are doing transaction processing—a new part of our business—we are keeping the crypto-mining but we also want to diversify and this is why we are going into transaction processing which is our main product, it’s actually already live. We will probably open up a pool at one point and do pool management for the client,” Forma said.

She also explored one of the biggest compliance issues on the table for blockchain and digital currency companies right now—the travel rule.

“The travel rule means that you need to exchange information about your originator and beneficiary of a crypto transaction,” Forma noted, and then also discussed what the travel rule means for blockchain and digital currency service providers as well as her roles at the Crypto Valley Association and OpenVASP.

Compliance, especially in regard to the travel rule, was a big topic of discussion during the Crypto Association Valley podcast as well as at CG Live’s “Digital Currency & Global Compliance” panel, in which Forma was a speaker. 

You can find the full episode of the Crypto Valley Association podcast that features Forma on Spotify and YouTube

And you can learn more about compliance in the blockchain and digital currency industry by watching the Digital Currency & Global Compliance: Tools & Tips for Exchanges, Wallets & Other Service Providers CG Live presentation which features Delphine Forma as well as Centbee CEO Angus Brown, and Banxa founder and non-executive Chairman Domenic Carosa.

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