Dean Little on scaling UptimeSV for global enterprise use

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At the recently held CoinGeek Conference in Seoul, one of the speakers, Dean Little, revealed what his team has been doing to scale UptimeSV for global enterprise use. CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower caught up with him after his presentation to learn more about UptimeSV’s journey.

Since winning the inaugural Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon at the CoinGeek Toronto conference, Little has been devoting more of his time to UptimeSV in a bid to scale it to meet global demand. In fact, Little said he had to quit his day job to fully focus on the project, but he has no regrets about it.

He said, “It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been very rewarding. A lot of people believing in what we do. The good thing about Bitcoin is that even though it’s very competitive, it’s friendly competition and we are all hoping to see each other do well.”

UptimeSV, put simply, is a crowdsourced network intelligence platform that enables enterprise customers to pay small fees to real people who do ping testing and ensure that their websites are online.

And while an idea may be good in theory, it only impacts the world when it’s put into practice, something that Little and his team have been working on.

He said. “We’ve been working with a lot of companies, especially in China, as well as nChain with the Scaling Test Network and all of the projects that they are pursuing. They are all really excited about how they can integrate UptimeSV into their businesses and see how Bitcoin can really solve a lot of the problems with the internet today.”

Little also did a recap of the other developments that his team has been on for the overall prosperity of the Bitcoin SV community. They include Unplanaria, a tool that helps businesses avoid OP_RETURN spam by allowing them to only take the data that they need from a transaction without having to scan the entire blockchain.

The team also developed Polynym, a solution for address resolution. Polynym supports several forms of addresses such as Paymail, P2SH and P2PKH.

YouTube video

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