Danny Trejo launches Twetch channel, joins Money Button

It appears that Machete is now officially part of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community. Danny Trejo, the Hollywood actor who portrayed, among many other characters, Machete in the films by the same title, announced on Twitter that he has launched a Twetch channel, and that he also now has an official Money Button wallet address. The Bitcoin ecosystem will never be the same again. 

Trejo indicates that his new Twetch channel is twetch.app/u/8279, and that his MB paymail address is [email protected]. In a separate tweet, he pulled together his tough-guy persona and Twetch, introducing “Twetchete,” much to the admiration and enjoyment of his followers. One follower said it best when replying, “[Danny Trejo] is a badass on both ends of the spectrum of what it is to be human.”

The Machete and Spy Kids (among many other films) star apparently doesn’t have any problems filling his Twetch “followed” list with other users, either. As replies came in one by one with users’ Twetch channel addresses, Trejo—always a man of few words—would reply with a simple “followed.”

Twetch is a media platform that enables users to monetize their content. As opposed to other social media platforms that take possession of the data, Twetch enables users to retain ownership and control the messages. It is built on top of BSV, and channel owners can earn through micropayments for content when it is liked or when it receives a comment. As the platform’s founders put it, “Twetch empowers the user.”

The Money Button wallet tremendously simplifies crypto transactions. By assigning a name to the long wallet key, it becomes much easier to send and receive digital currency. Instead of having to remember the long key or scan a QR code each time a transaction is conducted, users can simply enter the wallet name, just like they would select a name from a contact list. 

As cryptocurrency continues to be embraced, it is changing not only financial operations, but many different types of routine activity. Seeing individuals such as Trejo step into the world of Twetch speaks highly of its capabilities and, within a few short years, the amount of information available through the blockchain is going to increase exponentially from where the Bitcoin space is today.

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