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Daniel Diemers: We’re building smart cities and pushing human longevity on the blockchain

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Humanity has been working on longevity, vitality, and better health for ages. In recent times, technology has made great leaps in this field, and according to Daniel Diemers, this sector will explode over the next two decades. This development hinges on collecting and leveraging massive amounts of data, which he says will be stored on the blockchain.

Diemers is the co-founder of SNGLR Group, a venture capital firm that invests in technology that will play a central role in the coming decades. It’s currently investing heavily in longevity and vitality, smart mobility, and smart cities. Its portfolio companies leverage the latest technology, including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented/virtual reality.

“We look at blockchain only from a use-case perspective—it needs to solve a problem,” Diemers told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero on the sidelines of The Bitcoin Masterclasses in Zurich.

With the advancement of smart cities, an unprecedented amount of data is being generated. This data must be stored securely and must be easily accessible to all the participants to facilitate seamless movement through smart mobility.

“I can’t think of blockchain not being part of that,” Diemers said.

These advances are also leading to autonomous interactions between machines which will be powered by blockchain microtransactions, Diemers added.

“This is why we as SINGLR deliberately look at really cool blockchain early-stage startups that are part of that smart mobility/smart city movement,” he noted.

Diemers praised Dr. Wright, who he described as “a true scholar and a true visionary.” For him, Dr. Wright’s deep dive into Bitcoin as a data ledger struck a chord. He pointed out that Bitcoin will be used to store the massive amounts of data generated in new-age medical care, smart cities, Web3, and more.

“I’ve been in blockchain for a while…but when I listen to him, I’m really humbled. There’s so much he already knows where he’s ahead of the curve,” he stated.

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