Cryptocurrency and Valentine’s Day are more related than most people may realize

Cryptocurrency and Valentine’s Day are surprisingly similar

Today is February 14 – Saint Valentine’s Day. If you forgot to prepare a gift for the special person in your life, you have now been reminded and there’s no excuse. While it may not seem as though there is much of a connection between today and cryptocurrency, an interesting post on Medium provides a convincing argument that there is a much greater connection than most anticipated. 

ICOBox points out that several characteristics are found in both personal relationships and blockchains that join them together. The first is trust. To be with someone, you have to be able to trust the individual. The same can be said for blockchains. The blockchain inherently creates trust where it isn’t possible through other systems. 

Being in a relationship involves transparency. As ICOBox explains, “Open communication, where all the cards are laid out on the table, help both parties stay on the same page and prevents skeletons from being dragged out of the closet down the line.”

Even immutability is an integral part of both relationships. Promises made to a partner should be permanent, much in the same way transactions stored on the blockchain are permanent. 

In a healthy relationship, there is consensus on how decisions are made – no one individual controls all the power. This is certainly true with most blockchains, as they are designed to be driven by the wishes of the entire community, not just one person. Some software developers have already shown that they don’t subscribe to this theory, which is why certain blockchains have split up, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Fortunately, Bitcoin SV (BSV) believes that these characteristics are fundamental to a healthy relationship and doesn’t try to pick out just those traits that serve it best. It has been built on the foundation that started it all, the original Satoshi Vision, and is determined to follow that path, regardless of how much outside influences would try to create deviations. 

When Bitcoin was created, it was already mature, ready to take on the world. It had a clear understanding of what its goals were and knew precisely how to reach them. BSV is keeping that vision alive while all other blockchains decide to seek out new relationships, unwilling to stay committed. BSV supporters understand the meaning and importance of commitment and will remain loyal to the end.

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