Scaling-focused changes now available with Bitcoin SV version 0.1.1

Scaling-focused changes now available with Bitcoin SV version 0.1.1

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True to its roadmap of enabling massive, secure on-chain scaling, the Bitcoin SV node team rolled out on Monday the updated version of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) client.

The BSV version 0.1.1 adds scaling improvements that will deliver “crucial capacity and performance increases to transaction propagation,” according to the node team. These include faster relaying of transactions to enhance security of instant transactions and larger network messages for handling higher volumes of transactions, as well as increased parallelization of network communication.

Among the notable changes in BSV version 0.1.1 are the removal of random delay, parallelization of inventory-handling code, increase in inventory message size and in max protocol message size. The DNS Seed servers were also updated to exclude the Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) network; the updated node client also features optional logging of transactional sources; and large invalid block messages will now cause ban instead of disconnect.

Another important update to the 0.1.1 version is the addition of the Scaling Test Network (STN).

“The scaling-focused changes in the release have all been researched and tested in the private Gigablock Testnet which is now being relaunched publicly under the new name: Scaling Testnet (STN),” the Bitcoin SV node team said.

Available on GitHub, the BSV 0.1.1 version features the advances used to achieve the sustained 64MB blocks for straight 24 hours, which showed that the network is capable of delivering constant rates of over 300 transactions per second continuously during a full 24-hour period “with no problem.” Tests for 128MB blocks are already underway, and according to BSV Node lead developer Daniel Connolly, the early results are encouraging.

The global Scaling Test Network is open to anyone in the BSV ecosystem interested in participating in a “continuous flow of transactions with rates reaching 700 transactions per second.” This initiative, according to the node team, paves the way for the creation of an environment where scaling capabilities of existing solutions and scaling technologies can be researched and verified. To learn more about STN, visit the Bitcoin Scaling Test Network site.

The Bitcoin SV version 0.1.1 builds on the improvements made in the initial release candidate, which focused on protocol stability. This time, the node team rolled out modifications that enable massive scaling of the BSV network, allowing major enterprises to build confidently on top of the regulation-friendly BSV chain. As Twitter user Brendan Lee noted: “Bitcoin [now reborn in Bitcoin SV] is scaling on-chain, ready for the world to jump on-board.”

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