Crypto-friendly Republican bet Austin Petersen loses senatorial bid

Crypto-friendly Republican bet Austin Petersen loses senatorial bid

August 7 – Austin Petersen, the Republican senate candidate who is known for his crypto-friendly stance, has just lost the primary election. The Missouri Secretary of State has published the results, although unofficial, showing Attorney General Josh Hawley leading the Republican party with 389,006 votes.

Petersen fell third in the roster, garnering 54,810 votes.

Crypto-friendly Republican bet Austin Petersen loses senatorial race

“Sorry I couldn’t pull out a win for us, friends. My faults as a candidate are my own, and not the fault of our activists. I am not a perfect messenger. One day soon I believe we will see more leaders who rise up and fight for our cause more fiercely and more successfully than I,” he tweeted.

Despite his loss, he thanked his supporters just the same.

It can be noted that in July, Petersen criticized Hawley, pointing out ex-governor Eric Greitens’ resignation amid sexual misconduct allegations.

“Hawley threw our duly elected governor under the bus before due process could be afforded. If Hawley is the next senator from Missouri, Mr. President, I have just one bit of advice… watch your back,” he said in an email to Fox News.

Being one of the very few outspoken cryptocurrency advocates in politics, Petersen definitely got the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. After announcing that his campaign accepts contributions in cryptocurrency, he received the highest BTC donation given to an electoral candidate— a donor tried to send him $224,000 worth of BTC. But the fun was short-lived since campaign donations to candidates are capped at a $5,400 maximum, under the Federal Election Commission’s regulations. And he had no choice but to return the donation.

“To whoever just tried to donate $224,000 worth of #Bitcoin to our campaign, please note federal contribution limits are $5400 per person. Also… please try again and donate $5400! Thank you!,” he tweeted.

In an interview with ABC News, Petersen’s campaign manager, Jeff Carson, said Petersen’s success in getting contributions through crypto will probably start a trend in campaign financing.

“I think it goes without saying we’re going to see a lot more of this in terms of campaign contributions and campaign financing,” he said.

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