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Craig Wright Interview Part 3 – Academic Record Truths

Editor Note: This is the third in a multiple-part series of interviews with Craig Wright, conducted by guest columnist Eli Afram, where he discusses some facets of his disputed academic ventures.

I asked if Craig we could dispel any disputes concerning Dr Wright’s academic record. Quite frankly, this is not a pleasant question to ask anyone. And it’s not a pleasant question to answer either.

I want to make this point absolutely clear – Craig Wright handed over evidence of all his postgraduate degrees, and I along with CoinGeek management can confirm this. I’ve come to a realisation that for some people, no amount of evidence will ever be enough. I believe the primary reason for this comes in the form of hidden agendas, and smear campaigns. In the west, we operate on a basis of innocent until proven guilty. It’s not too dissimilar here. It is a wild expectation that someone should prove they did not lie to the public, in the face of a media onslaught.

Regardless of the unfairness of it all – Mr Wright provided us with the evidence of his academic record, and went on to explain:

“There’s been a lot of media stating that I lied about my qualifications. I have not. What I do dislike is being put in a position where I’m expected to hand over proof. I’ll be doing it again here now, but I do degrees for me. I don’t do this so that other people can see what I have done, and has little to gain there.”

“The study I continue to do this for my own purposes. I studied statistics so that I could understand the mathematics of networks. I achieved a Masters degree in mathematical statistics from the University of Newcastle. I studied law so that I could understand the legislative frameworks surrounding international financial systems and electronic commerce. I was awarded a Masters in law from the University of Northumbria in the UK.”

“At the time, I was doing those two degrees I was also enrolled in a Masters degree at Charles Sturt University in Australia. At the time, I was technically in breach of the rules. I was enrolled in three universities at one time studying three masters degrees and later starting a doctorate. I completed all three of these masters degrees. When I finish my current Masters degree it will be my 18th degree overall. I’ll start my third doctorate this year.”

“… People have no right to delve into the lives of others” explained Wright, “In my case, the notion that I have to prove my qualifications when am not going for a job with these people not asking for anything from them is ludicrous, but that is the world they are creating. – It is exactly the opposite of the free, open world of trade that bitcoin is built to deliver.”

“Bitcoin is built as a competitive system. It never was altruistic and it never will be. The system works because people engage in trade and commerce and act to promote their own self-interest. That’s what bitcoin is really about. The ability to freely offer the services you have without fear.”

“There are a number of people who are very shortly going to learn that law is law and that code is evidence. The fear in this community has to stop. High pressure is one thing. Competition is marvellous. When we stop teaching our children that is bad we will start to develop as a community. This toxic environment that has been created around bitcoin is something that must end.”

“…one of the things I find distasteful is the ability to manipulate media. I have a PhD and I have a professional doctorate and I am about to start my second PhD which will be my third doctorate. I’m completing my eighth Masters degree.”

“A professional doctorate is equal standing to a PhD. Many academics try to argue that the applied nature of a professional doctorate makes it less valuable. They are wrong. I have both and I will tell you quite flatly that applied studies are more valuable than pure theory. I have engaged in both so I can actually compare these from the perspective of an individual who is used the knowledge he has gained in the real world.”

“The attacks on my character have come from people who are unable to provide solutions themselves that the market desires.”

Perhaps the media can tell us many things, and we are open to believe whatever we choose concerning individuals, but unwarranted attacks are uncalled for. Fundamentally, the issue concerning Craig Wright’s academic record should be put to rest.

Later this week, I will be posting details of our interview as we venture more into Bitcoin itself. In this first post of the series, Wright alluded to scalabity improvements for Bitcoin, and some thoughts on its development. I’ll be going further in depth on these matters, and also getting some thoughts Craig Wright has on Segwit as well his view on alt-coins.

I look forward to sharing more real soon.

Eli Afram.
Twitter: @justicemate

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