Craig Wright delves into ‘the anarchist fallacy’ in new blog post

The economics of anarchy. To some, anarchy sounds like an ideal governance model—or the ideal lack of a governance model—but many fail to factor economics and individual-decision making when they pitch their theoretical anarchist society models to the public.

In his latest blog post, “The Anarchist Fallacy,” Dr. Craig Wright takes a look at the flawed idea put forward by Cøbra (@CobraBitcoin) regarding assassination markets and anarchist society.

Not only is Cøbra’s idea extreme, but it disregards how individuals in society actually make decisions; Cøbra assumes that society shares the same thought process and therefore, comes to the same conclusions when it comes to decision making or even defining a very broad label like “undesirables.”

“The question it begs is, who are undesirables?” Dr. Wright asks, adding, “Those who are wealthy have an income and free capital. The poor do not. If you take one million people in poverty and realize that it is unlikely that they will even be able to scrape up a few dollars each, it becomes difficult to see how a majority can have a say. The richest 1% in such a society would be able to decide to remove all the undesirables at will.”

Cøbra’s idea also overlooks the fact that anarchy has never worked; successful coup d’etat’s and revolts against government administrations have only worked because there was a leader behind the movement.

“Humans are not hive creatures. Whenever there are revolutions or changes in power, there are leaders who incite and change the course of history. Even though it is popular to claim the will of the masses, without leadership, no movement survives,” said Dr. Wright.

“Consequently, the leaders of a movement could easily be the targets. Here, a wealthy dictator will always maintain control. If an assassination market was constructed, it would not favour the will of the people but a system of ‘might makes right.’”

Ultimately, anarchy does not work, no matter how good it may look to some individuals. If there is no governance model or consensus system, the very few individuals on the planet who are wealthy and have access to the endless amount of resources that their money can buy them will rule over the individuals who cannot get their hands on the resources they would need to thrive in a world with no structure.

“An assassination market is a system without freedom. It creates a Machiavellian society where individuals control the larger population through fear and secrecy,” says Dr. Wright. “Such a system is closed, and in a closed system, leaders become like Stalin, allowing others to steal and redistribute.”

To learn more about Cøbra’s radical support of assassination markets, why Cøbra’s idea is flawed, and why anarchy does not work, read Dr. Craig S. Wright’s latest blog post, “The Anarchist Fallacy,” on CraigWright.Net.

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