Connor Murray on how BSV can solve global economic challenges

YouTube video

The Bitcoin SV community is all about sharing their knowledge with the world on how Bitcoin SV is solving real-world challenges and becoming the new global currency. One of the people who have taken this mission to heart is Connor Murray, the man behind Bitcoin and Beyond. In an interview with CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero, Murray talked about his passion for spreading Bitcoin SV around the world and why it’s the only cryptocurrency project that can solve the world’s economic challenges.

Murray spoke at the Expo-Bitcoin International conference held in Bogota, Colombia. The country, and many other countries in the Latin American region including Venezuela and Argentina, has experienced rapid inflation and currency devaluation severally in the past. And while some have turned to cryptos to solve this challenge, they have turned to the wrong crypto projects, Murray explained.

“All these other cryptocurrencies want to centralize control into themselves and that doesn’t really fix the problem,” he stated.

Murray was one in a distinguished list of speakers at the conference which included Dr. Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen. His talks centered on why Bitcoin SV is the best cryptocurrency project in the market. BSV’s stability is one of the things that set it apart, he explained. He also delved into network theory and “why the small world network that Craig always talks about is so important.”

Bitcoin SV is what Satoshi envisioned for Bitcoin, Murray continued, stating, “I’m very hopeful that we finally have a Bitcoin that fulfills Satoshi’s original vision.”

The conference was held at a time when Facebook’s Libra project was all over the news. However, Murray dismissed the expected impact of the social media company’s crypto project, stating that he believed it wouldn’t impact the BSV community at all. Libra was designed in a way that gave Facebook control over people’s data, a mistake Murray noted Facebook just can’t seem to stop committing.

I know a lot of people are getting really tired of Facebook controlling access to everything. And really, they wanted a currency they control access to. […] They aren’t understanding that Bitcoin is an economic system, and you can’t recreate a currency without recreating the economics.

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