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Coinstore exchange now lists Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV has officially been listed on Coinstore.com, a leading digital currency exchange. This provides another way for users, entrepreneurs, and others to buy, sell, and trade BSV.

Along with the listing on Huobi Japan in 2022, the move proves that more exchanges are noticing the growing BSV ecosystem, which now consists of millions of daily transactions and an ever-growing portfolio of applications.

About Coinstore.com

Coinstore.com was founded in 2020 by professionals from some of the leading digital currency exchanges.

The exchange has over 180 employees worldwide, over 1.8 million registered customers in 175 countries, and a normalized 24-hour volume of more than $120 million, according to popular digital currency tracker CoinGecko.com.

BSV is one of a limited number of digital currencies listed by CoinStore. Unlike many other exchanges, this one is selective, listing around 50 currencies in all. BSV is live as of Monday, February 6, 2023.

The BSV ecosystem continues to grow

While there have been several headline-grabbing delistings of BSV in recent times, including by Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) and Bitfinex, the ecosystem continues to grow. Forward-thinking exchanges recognize the demand for the original Bitcoin and are listing it as a result.

While the ‘crypto media’ would like to paint the picture that BSV is dead and continues to be squeezed out of the digital currency ecosystem, nothing could be further from the truth. As the new listing indicates, for every exchange that delists, another sees the potential and picks up the baton, and the ecosystem as a whole is thriving. With millions of daily on-chain transactions and a plethora of micropayment-powered applications like Haste Arcade and my2cents, the demand for the BSV token will only grow in the coming years.

Coinstore.com has clearly recognized this and has capitalized on the opportunity. Expect other future-oriented exchanges to follow suit in the coming months and years.

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