CoinPayments and Shopify bring more retail payment options, including BSV

Global digital currency processor CoinPayments has just announced a strategic partnership with Shopify, the Canadian multinational e-commerce company for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. As a result, CoinPayments is now a visible payment option for Shopify customers at check-out, and vendors can choose to get paid in Bitcoin SV, or the 1,800+ digital currencies that CoinPayments supports.

More payment options leads to more sales

Shopify had been beta trialing the CoinPayments payment option throughout 2019.

“The beta trial process involved a full functionality and security test with live merchant interactions before becoming publicly available to the entire Shopify platform,” CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher told CoinGeek.

After a successful beta that proved the performance and security of CoinPayments, Shopify decided to officially partner up with the digital currency processor. 

“Shopify is a natural fit for us,” said Butcher. “As they look to bring new features to their merchant base and CoinPayments works to drive cryptocurrency adoption globally, it makes sense to create an integration that enables easy, secure, and cost-effective transactions.” 

This collaborative effort is a win-win for both Shopify and CoinPayments. The more payment options available to consumers at checkout, the more likely a merchant is to make a sale. By working through CoinPayments, Shopify can easily offer digital currency payment options to its customers with reduced transaction fees.

CoinPayments: Partnerships are key

CoinPayments collaboration with Shopify is only the beginning in terms of partnerships the company will be announcing.

“Partnerships with some of the world’s biggest ecommerce platforms are a key part of our strategy at CoinPayments as we bring digital currencies to merchants and consumers around the world,” said Butcher.

CoinPayments has the infrastructure that enables merchants and vendors to accept digital currency payments. Therefore, it makes sense that the digital payment processor partners with companies that vendors and merchants use to reach their customers. In a recent interview with CoinGeek, Butcher said, “The key to reaching a digital currency tipping point is mass adoption.” By partnering with companies such as Shopify that power more than 1 million businesses in over 175 countries, CoinPayments is bringing the world one step closer to mass adoption, or at the very least, legitimizing digital asset payment methods.

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