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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Rumored fork on BSV, BIP42 and Elon Musk’s Bitcoin and Satoshi theories

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In an exciting new season of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. discussed a wide range of topics, including the rumored fork on BSV, BIP42, Elon Musk and his thoughts on who is Satoshi Nakamoto, and many more.

Wuckert brings back some good news from his recent trip to Las Vegas, where he attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) tech event, a conference that featured the next wave of innovation that is said to shape 2022. Also in attendance are BSV players who delivered exciting new announcements on stage. VXPASS, for instance, announced they’ve locked in a business deal with nations to utilize their BSV backed service. Haste meanwhile introduced games in their Haste Arcade that are now available for people to play. And Omniscape did an impressive live demo of two teams in different states interacting in real-time in the virtual reality space. “They were all very cool,” Wuckert comments.

At the start of the episode, Wuckert was quick to quell rumors circulating on social media about a fork on BSV. “They’re pretending that it is going to happen, they’re treating it like it was said by Craig or by anyone on our team, but it was not said by anyone on our side,” he clarifies.

Wuckert believes it’s a silly proposition considering the economics and the math. Assuming that all of Satoshi’s coins are equivalent to a hundred million dollars, he asserts that it wouldn’t make sense to exert time, money, and effort into building the technology and startup companies, only to let them fall apart for an insignificant amount of money. Wuckert advises people to stop the bickering and create something valuableinstead.

Still, a viewer brought up a Twitter post of Wuckert in relation to BIP42. When asked to expound, he explains that BIP42 is responsible for putting a cap on Bitcoin inflation. He explained that in math theory, Bitcoin is inflationary indefinitely as a result of its halvening schedule. He discovered BIP42 after digging into the Bitcoin’s limit, thanks to a BTC report that talks about it. As a result, he encourages people to look into BIP42 to see for themselves.

In this ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode, Wuckert Jr. also clarifies a news report citing Elon Musk saying he believes that Nick Szabo is Satoshi Nakamoto. Wuckert shares his thoughts on why he thinks this is false. “Nick’s knowledge of Bitcoin is base level,” he asserts.

In an interaction between Dr. Craig Wright and Nick Szabo on stage, Wuckert recalls Dr. Wright talking about the Turing completeness of Bitcoin. Nick, however, reacts to Dr. Wright’s talk in a way that shows he has a ‘shallow’ understanding of Bitcoin, Wuckert observes. As he explains, “this [Turing completeness] is a fundamental thing about Bitcoin that people didn’t really talk about before Craig brought it up. And then it was shown to be very true by the fact that things like Conway’s Game of Life and other Turing tests, maybe even something like TSwap, they work quite well on Bitcoin SV, but that would only be possible if BSV is turing complete and BSV is just this reimplementation of the Bitcoin protocol and bingo! Bitcoin is Turing complete, but Nick Szabo had no idea.”

News about FloatSV shutting down was also discussed in the show, as well as an alleged MoneyButton hacking incident and what the Florida Citadel is about.

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