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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Paul Rajchgod on the venture capital environment within BSV space

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Paul Rajchgod brings in over 20 years of experience as an investment banker specializing in the field of technology to his current post as the Managing Director of Ayre Ventures. His background in helping small-cap technology companies develop into billion-dollar companies in the past has prepared him for an important task ahead—analyzing and deciphering which companies are most likely to take off. 

As he tells Kurt Wuckert Jr. in this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, the undertaking is not simple. He works with an investment committee that calls for a highly rigorous due diligence process on the potential companies seeking funding. They undergo a deep level of analysis on whether a company has sufficient knowledge of its market and customers, as well as an adequate plan to grow its product or service. 

He explains that the inability to thoroughly investigate a company’s background can also be a challenge. “With these companies were investing in, they’re not public companies, nobody can go and scoop some company’s shares ahead of the market hearing, or a news announcement.”

Rajchgod is keen to point out that Ayre Ventures‘ focus is to find high-growth companies that already have an average of 50 employees and with millions of dollars in sales. For his part, these companies can attract other enterprises and bring in numerous transactions to BSV’s daily activity. Companies that can scale are also a priority, explains Rajchgod. A business with customers who can use the platform repeatedly is key. 

He believes companies related to gaming and enterprise such as CryptoFights and Haste Arcade are likely to experience the most exponential growth. 

“I think it’s going to continue to be driven by gaming, especially with play to earn. Obviously it’s hot all over the planet,” Rajchgod said. 

Accelerating growth for a company in BSV can be achieved by choosing companies with executives who have experience building and growing businesses from the ground up. Satoshi Block Dojo’s Craig Massey is a perfect example, Rajchgod says. Massey has started five technology companies and has sold four of them for millions of dollars. Hiring a seasoned, talented business development executive to aid the company’s growth is also beneficial. An individual with proper knowledge of the industry to which a company belongs can elevate it with proper resources and network. 

You can focus on what BSV does and no other blockchain can compete with,” Rajchgod’s said as a piece of advice to companies looking to build and grow their business.

He also reminds entrepreneurs not to get bogged down on all the digital currency chatter they see or hear on Twitter and other platforms. He says that based on what he’s observed, most customers are not affected by it because they are either not aware of it or they simply do not care. 

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