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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Florida Citadel updates, Kleiman v Wright appeals and BSV pumps

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The much-anticipated Florida Citadel, a co-working space for BSV entrepreneurs and developers, is set to open very soon! Kurt Wuckert Jr., who is positioned to manage the space, discussed his plans on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream.

The idea behind Florida Citadel stemmed from a Twetch event held in Berlin a few years ago. Kurt was fascinated with what he saw and was immediately convinced to hold similar meetups for the BSV community in the United States. He was again presented with more ideas while on a trip to Berlin recently, where he visited a co-working space for tech entrepreneurs. 

Inclined to put his ideas into reality, Kurt is looking forward to the opening of the Florida Citadel in August 2022. The 1,800 square feet office space based in Palm Beach County, Florida, will serve as a working and outreach space. 

From single desks to private offices to meeting rooms, people can choose from various options to be part of this exciting opportunity. Kurt envisions Florida Citadel as a place where like-minded people can come to work, collaborate and connect with each other. The goal is to “build something incredible on a big block bitcoin, building something that you cannot build on any other protocol and ultimately creating businesses that couldn’t have gone there, couldn’t have existed anywhere else,” he points out. 

Kurt plans to replicate some of the activities that are taking place in the co-working space in Berlin. He says there will be meetups, talks, workshops, and friendly hackathons aimed at team building. Kurt implores his viewers to send him a direct message for inquiries about the Florida Citadel. 

In this Ask Me Anything episode, Kurt entertains questions pertaining to topics like the Kleiman v Wright lawsuit and a BSV pump, among others.  

The verdict on the Craig Wright vs Ira Kleiman case that led to various appeals is a matter of discussion to date. For Kurt, the question of who owns W&K information defense ownership is a cause for concern. 

“If Ira Kleiman was suing Craig on behalf of W&K.. did he have the right to do that in the first place? If Ira didn’t have the right to represent the company in the first place, then he was acting as a fiduciary of a company that he didn’t actually own,” Kurt says. 

For Kurt, this results in more damage on Dr. Wright’s behalf, considering the hefty costs consumed during the trial. For the most part, the rightful owner or owners of W&K is still at large and in question. 

“There’s a big discussion about whether the company was owned by Dave, Craig, and Lyn, or was it just owned by Dave and Craig, or was it just owned by Dave? Seems to be a conversation that is being had as well,” he points out.

Kurt also took time to discuss BSV’s market performance, saying, “what is happening is this deleveraging.” As he explains, those who have vetted interest in BTC and ETH are currently at a loss and inclined not to spend money on oppressing other market players like BSV.

In turn, Kurt says, “BSV is able to breathe and be able to grow the way it should grow.” 

Another factor contributing to BSV’s fair market performance could possibly be due to a recent move by Huobi, a popular global exchange platform, to list BSV. Kurt views the Huobi listing as a positive development for the BSV ecosystem. 

“Japan has a very tight blockchain market…And so when Japanese people see BSV has been listed by Huobi, it actually comes across as like something of an endorsement. It’s not just some other coin to buy. And they look at it and say, hey this must have been thoroughly vetted and maybe something worth being in my portfolio,” Kurt remarks. 

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