Episode 6

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 6 features FYX Gaming’s David Case

Soon, you will be able to play CryptoFights on the Bitcoin SV testnet; how do I know this? Because David Case, the chief architect at FYX Gaming, was the latest guest on the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream hosted by Kurt Wuckert Jr.

Gaming on the blockchain

The two discuss several topics related to Bitcoin versus Ethereum, such as why FYX Gaming decided to stop building CryptoFights on the Ethereum blockchain, and start building it on Bitcoin SV.

“We started building CryptoFights and as we were building out the game concepts, it got more complex,” said Case. “It wasn’t really going to work that well [on Ethereum], there ended up being so much calculation within one Ethereum transaction that it went over the gas limit and the entire block would be ours [CryptoFights], which means we would have to pay gas to get everyone else out of the way.” 

“You quickly reach the point with Ethereum where it doesn’t matter what you are trying to do, there are some huge technical hurdles… it gets to the point where if you want to do anything with any sort of complexity at all, then you can’t afford to do it. We hit that ceiling fairly quickly,” he added.

FYX Gaming is a prime example of a company that started building on Ethereum but became limited, and then priced out, by the Ethereum blockchain and its specs. What’s very unique about CryptoFights is that it is one of the only Bitcoin businesses that involve extremely complex computations, where each action that happens in-game involves computation that lives on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Case goes on to explain those complex computations when he gives a never-before-seen demonstration of CryptoFights during the livestream.

Wuckert and Case explore several other topics as well, such as why developers gravitate toward Ethereum, how he joined FYX Gaming, building tooling on Bitcoin and the tooling Bitcoin needs, as well as FYX Gaming’s deal with Unikrn

Something I really enjoyed was seeing Case’s enthusiasm as he talked about the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. David Case clearly knows the ins-and-outs of building a complex system on the blockchain, so hearing about these topics from his perspective was very insightful.

If you happened to miss the livestream while it happened, you can head over to the CoinGeek YouTube channel to watch “CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 6, Building killer eSports apps on Bitcoin”:

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