CoinGeek Weekly Livestream with Kurt Wuckert Jr. ft. Daniel Street and Morgan Coleman

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Daniel Street and Morgan Coleman talk monetizing content via social media

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Relica CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Street is no stranger to the Bitcoin space. He got into Ethereum in 2016 shortly after losing money in a BTC price crash. But in 2018, his concept of digital currency and blockchain changed after seeing Dr. Craig Wright’s presentation on the Metanet. As he tells Kurt Wuckert Jr. on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Dr. Wright’s knowledge of Bitcoin was so impressive that it led him down the Bitcoin SV rabbit hole and, later on, building two businesses on the BSV blockchain.

Daniel partnered up with fellow Australian and tech entrepreneur Morgan Coleman. After leaving his former tech company, Morgan knew he wanted to work on a blockchain-based business. Like Daniel, he was convinced that BSV was a good choice for their business. 

“The further I dug into it [BSV], the more I realized that BSV was really where we needed to be putting time and building a business,” he noted. 

Relica is the first of the two businesses conceived by Daniel. It’s a BSV image-sharing app where users generate income from their followers by simply sharing content. The idea stemmed from Daniel’s dissatisfaction with the existing social media platforms to date. As he explained, content creators are giving out valuable information to the public for free. “It doesn’t make sense,” he says. 

Relica was created to give creators an opportunity to monetize their content through micropayments. “Turning something that they’re giving away free into a revenue-generating asset, that’s really where we focused,” he noted. 

LaMint, on the other hand, expands the users’ capacity to monetize by sharing content across multiple social media platforms. Unlike Relica, which focused on BSV users, LaMint opens its doors to the entire creative space. This means creators on other social media platforms can seamlessly onboard followers onto LaMint.

Daniel is keen to point out that the LaMint platform welcomes everyone regardless of their bitcoin knowledge or lack thereof. There’s a mental barrier when it comes to users accepting digital currency, he says. The objective is to get people to use Bitcoin unknowingly. For his part, by doing so, they achieve the true adoption of bitcoin. 

“People don’t even realize that it’s on Bitcoin and that is true adoption… adoption is literally using it without even realizing that they are using it,” he said.

Morgan hopes that everybody on social media will someday use Relica and LaMint as a way to democratize social media. As he stated, “democratizing that creator economy.. that’s the ultimate vision for us.”

As for what excites Daniel about Relica and LaMint? He says it’s the creators using the platforms as a tool to get more of that entrepreneurial mind. He believes because of this, we’re going to see a few creative concepts.

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