CoinGeek Weekly Livestream 2023

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream 2023: Real World Podcasts talk with Rae and Jay

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Kurt Wuckert Jr. returns with the second CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode of 2023. In this episode, he interviewed Jay (@25884) and Rae (@76423) about Real World Podcasts and other topics related to the BSV ecosystem.

Introducing the guests

Jay and Rae are video content creators operating in the BSV ecosystem.

They explain that, after some initial problems with MoneyButton implementation with their website, they went to Jamify, which wasn’t doing video yet, and eventually to Streamanity, which rejected them, before they built their own BSV-powered, curated podcast platform. They decided to make it curated because they wanted to control the quality.

Wuckert commends both of them on helping people in the BSV ecosystem, reiterating that we really need this. He wishes more people would take this approach, as lots of new developers need it.

Rae laughs, noting that both of them often argue and butt heads on things. For example, she doesn’t believe Dr. Craig Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, whereas Jay does (with some doubts), but he believes it doesn’t even matter because Dr. Wright’s knowledge of Bitcoin is on another level and the blockchain works. Jay notes that Satoshi never intended for us to know who he was anyway, so it’s somewhat of a non-issue.

A rundown of Real World Podcasts

Jay says that one of the things that prompted the idea for Real World Podcasts was when Joe Rogan signed his deal with Spotify. While he made a ton of money for signing, he makes Spotify a lot more in the long term. Jay liked the idea of being able to pay $0.15 or whatever amount to listen to a podcast and know that it goes directly to the creator. This will also have the added benefit of removing the ads that ruin the user experience.

What is the fundamental problem they’re trying to solve? Rae says that freedom of speech is one of the big issues. They wouldn’t pull some of the content YouTube pulls. Jay says that the paywall also means users are less likely to listen to a podcast just to complain about it.

Hector Lopez asks ‘what needs to be fixed with podcasts?’ Ray says ‘”instant money” for the creator with no contracts and sponsors. You don’t have to wait for a check.

Joshua Henslee has already proven that ‘instant money’ is possible on Real World Podcasts.

What are the major differences between Real World Podcasts and alternatives like Streamanity? “We reached out to them, they were rude, and now they’re not here,” Jay jokes, noting that this is just the nature of competition. If you build things to compete, everything will get better, he notes, paying homage to free market competition.

What’s the Real World Podcasts roadmap? Jay wants to see live streaming, but it’s unaffordable right now. He notes that it’s early days, and there’s still plenty of time for this to come to fruition.

Do Rae and Jay want Bitcoin to be front and center of their business, or do they want it to become plumbing? Rae says they like BSV, but it’s difficult to onboard people who have never used any form of digital currency before. Wuckert thinks stablecoins are a crucial step, but Jay says otherwise. He says that people need to get used to Bitcoin if it’s going to be used as part of the global economy.

Developing using HandCash

Wuckert asks what the experience of developing with HandCash Connect is like compared to the other options. He also wants to know what other options there are.

Rae says that developers should always ensure someone has the documentation to make it easy, which HandCash does. She also likes the idea of the ‘Connect’ wallet, and she believes it’s the only wallet that has this option so far. Overall, she says the experience is much easier than other options.

Connecting with the HandCash wallet allows users to sign in and either make payments to listen to podcasts or upload their own and receive payments.

What should people do?

Wuckert wraps up the podcast by asking what Jay and Rae would like to see people do.

Rae says she’d like people to just go and check out the site and use it. Jay says they should make great web apps and start challenging Google, Apple, and the big giants.

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