CoinGeek Week closing party highlights

CoinGeek Week closing party highlights

After three productive days at the CoinGeek Week Conference and the preceding invite-only Miner’s Day, delegates were welcomed to London’s prestigious “Cirque Le Soir” on Friday, November 30th for a proper Bitcoin SV “geek out, freak out”. 

CoinGeek Week’s official closing party also marked the comeback of an official “Calvin Ayre party” and the Friday night freak-out lived up to its promise as the best party the crypto industry has ever seen. 

Notorious for being impossible to get in, the entire Cirque Le Soir venue was reserved for CoinGeek Week delegates, complete with its elaborate circus theme. Upon entry, guests were welcomed by a snake charmer, all sorts of circus performers, gorgeous women, contortionists, flowing drinks, a French artist with a twist, a photo booth, more gorgeous women, a dance floor and of course, plenty of little people.   

But don’t take it from us, take it from our guests who all had the time of their lives on the night…

“This is like all of my birthday parties rolled into one, if you can imagine an amazing party of the year, this would be it!”

“Its an awesome party, its another classic, you can always expect the best!”

“Absolutely, absolutely proof of budget”.

“We should feel like a family, we should get to know each other…”

“This party is so great, I’m really looking forward to the next year and as you can see its kind of crazy, but we’re all having a really good time”.

“I’ve always lived by the ‘work hard, play hard’, so we really need to unwind. I don’t really know if it’s a ‘geek out’, but its more of a ‘freak out’”.

“CoinGeek has done a wonderful job, its fun, I love all of this!”

“There’s drinks everywhere, there’s everything everywhere- it’s a fantastic time!”

However, words simply cannot do this party justice and we invite you to watch our video highlights for the full CoinGeek/Calvin Ayre experience. 

And in the words of the CoinGeek Founder and party host himself, “We’re going to have something to celebrate forever from now because Bitcoin’s back and it came back at its own birthday, so lots to celebrate!”

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