CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019 Developers Day highlights

CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019 Developers Day highlights

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The CoinGeek Toronto Conference, happening at The Carlu, kicked off with the Developers Day, an intimate gathering leading up to the conference’s main event with BSV developers who are learning how to take the technology to the moon.

The day has been broken up into four modules. Module one is an update on the Bitcoin SV infrastructure, where are we in terms of the technical roadmap. Module two is about user experience, followed by developer experience. Finally, the fourth module is a discussion forum where the team will be talking about everything from the Metanet project. Dr. Craig S. Wright, chief scientist of nChain and the creator of Bitcoin, also talked about the mysteries of the Bitcoin script that people may not know about.

“Today is actually exciting for developers because it’s the time that we can talk as technical as we want. We can really nerd out, but it’s important I think for developers to keep their focus on user experience, and in fact, we got a whole section of the day devoted to that. It’s important to make things easy for people, so that they’ve got a friction-free path into Bitcoin, and that includes developers as well,” Steve Shadders, director of solutions and engineering at nChain, tells us.

Simon Ordish, co-founder of, explained the importance of having a day dedicated to developers in the BSV space is crucial to the ecosystem. He said:

“We want to see developers embracing what we’re doing, and believing what we’re doing and believing what we’re doing. They need to understand how it’s going to scale. It’s actually really happening and the technology is being written to handle the scale, and the developers see it, they’ll start using it. It’s a snowball effect.”

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