CoinGeek Seoul about to kick off with major announcements expected

CoinGeek Seoul about to kick off with major announcements expected

It’s almost that time again, when the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community gathers in one place to discuss the exciting developments happening, and about to happen, on the BSV blockchain. CoinGeek Seoul will take place October 1-2, and the line-up of speakers that have been revealed will guarantee that attendees have spent their money well.

Of course, much like other recent CoinGeek conferences, both Dr. Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen will be there. They will be holding another fireside chat, where Dr. Wright might once again share revealing stories, but more importantly for BSV, motivation to keep developing new projects.

As the theme of the conference is the power of Bitcoin SV scaling, a very important speaker will be the technical director of the Bitcoin SV node project Steve Shadders. With the Genesis upgrade just a few months away, with the intended goal of returning BSV to the original Bitcoin protocol, Shadders has already broken news about what’s to come, and we expect he might make huge news in Seoul as February comes closer.

But those aren’t the only speakers who will take the stage in Seoul. You might have seen several other speaker announcements, of important developers, thinkers, and business people, who will help create with future of Bitcoin as we know it. The conference will see speakers like Alexander Shulgin, Jay Lee, David Case, Matt Dickson, Hayato Kameta, Lorien Gamaroff, Alex Fauvel, Paul Chiari, amongst others. Jimmy Nguyen will also be hosting several panels on the investment and development of Bitcoin, and how enterprises are approaching it..

And to get a really exciting look at what anyone can accomplish with a bit of motivation, which should be provided in spades by all these speakers, the finals of the second BSV hackathon will be decided in Seoul. BitQ&A, Codugh and Hive will each be presenting their projects for the audience and an esteemed panel of judges to vote on, with the winner taking home a very healthy prize.

If you’re already set to attend CoinGeek Seoul, we announced a handy app to keep you up to date on the latest events, follow the schedule and communicate with others attending the conference.

But if you haven’t bought tickets yet, it’s not too late. You can still get tickets right now, and at a discount, and catch all the excitement that’s just about to start at CoinGeek Seoul.

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