CoinGeek NYC sponsor spotlight on Fabriik: 'We are focused on delivering products that fit unmet needs'

CoinGeek NYC sponsor spotlight on Fabriik: ‘We are focused on delivering products that fit unmet needs’

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CoinGeek caught up with Eric Bernhard, general manager of Fabriik Digital Objects, one of the main sponsors of the upcoming CoinGeek Conference in New York.

After sponsoring the Zurich conference earlier this year, Fabriik continues its partnership with CoinGeek in New York, presenting a platform for the company to get others in the BSV community and beyond excited about their work. Bernhard began by setting out exactly why Fabriik had chosen to work on the BSV blockchain, as opposed to any of the alternatives. According to Bernhard, the primary reason for backing BSV comes from the way it handles block size.

“I think that the biggest piece for us on the BSV blockchain is block size, and it’s really important to us that those changes are substantiated and are consistent. So, I think that the nature of making sure that the block sizes are true to form in the size and our ability to write things to blocks that don’t need to be obfuscated or, you know, I guess distributed into other systems like Amazon, AWS, or Google Cloud for storing things like media assets on the blockchain are there. And that’s important to us because as we move into the NFT space, we want to make sure that we can stay true to the model of Bitcoin and be able to write things directly to the blockchain. And block size is one of those things that’s really important.”

Bernhard also spoke of the benefits of fees and transaction times remaining consistent as block sizes increase, unlike with other blockchains.

“The other thing, which is not necessarily a new development, but it’s that, while increasing the block size, the speed, the transaction speed and the cost of transactions stay low. And other blockchains have really struggled with that because they’re not staying true to the original white paper. And I think that for us, it’s fundamental to our business strategy and our technology stack, especially for FabriikX, our NFT marketplace,” he said.

On CoinGeek New York, Bernhard said he’s excited to present his company’s latest innovations in the city—“the financial center of the world.”

“We’re super excited for CoinGeek New York. You know, New York is the financial center of the world, in my opinion at least. There’s probably some debate there with other places around the world pushing. But, you know, New York is one of those places that, in finance is about innovation and they’re constantly innovating, but the innovation is not just by start-ups here…we want to make sure that we’re building that trust with people. And New York is the best place to showcase that,” he said.

“If you’re able to prove your worth in New York, you’re able to prove your worth anywhere in the world. And so that’s why the CoinGeek New York is so important to us, because we want to make sure that we show up as a trusted partner for the BSV community, but also for the financial community.”

FabriikX and Fabriik Weave

In terms of the products being presented by Fabriik at the conference, Bernhard highlighted two of note: FabriikX, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace; and Fabriik Weave, a super simple, basic KYC for exchanging digital currency.

As a marketplace for NFTs, FabriikX will provide an opportunity to showcase the true power of the tokens. Bernhard said, “We’ll be launching a platform called FabriikX. FabriikX is an NFT marketplace that is focused on two key pieces. One is writing directly to the blockchain, which is fundamental to our belief and our use of blockchain. And BSV is the only blockchain that can do that. The second piece for FabriikX is that we want to really showcase what NFTs actually can do. You know, pixel art here and some digital art there, doesn’t really show the power of an NFT.”

Fabriik Weave, on the other hand, will allow users to integrate a widget into their apps for transferring digital currencies in a low-impact way.

“We are really focused on delivering products that solve unmet needs in the marketplace. One of the simple things that people have been struggling with is just liquidity and access to BSV. And so, we’re going to be launching a product that’s called Fabriik Weave. Fabriik Weave is a super simple, basic KYC for exchanging crypto to crypto. No fiat to start. Our focus is just making sure that people can get access to BSV when they want it and they can switch around if they want to trade BSV for another asset. The best part of Fabriik Weave is that you can embed a widget into your sites,” Bernhard said.

“So, there’s two versions of it. There’s a user interface version, which manifests as a widget. And then there’s an API that can be completely integrated into your NFT game. It can be integrated into any of the platforms that you currently use, allowing your users to transact and convert BSV into whatever asset or any asset into BSV.”

Bernhard and the Fabriik team will be in attendance at the CoinGeek Conference in New York, which kicks off on October 5. Catch Eric Bernhard on Day 2, when he is set to join the panel on “Art, Design & User Content for NFTs”; while Fabriik CEO, Chief Visionary and co-founder Roy Bernhard is slated to make a presentation on “Fabriik: The Future of Digital Assets and a Tokenized World” on Day 3.

Register here to join the eighth CoinGeek Conference, taking place at The Sheraton, Times Square in New York City.

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