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CoinGeek London Conference: Watch Day 2 livestream here

The second day of the CoinGeek London Conference focuses on the practical applications of the blockchain technology. Day 2 will bring to light the projects that are building on Bitcoin SV (BSV) and the progress they have made thus far. It will also highlight other practical uses of blockchain technology, including for improving the quality of online content and for central bank digital currencies.

Some of the key speakers include Stephan Nilsson, the founder of UNISOT, who will address the breakthrough BSV has made in supply chain management, while Ken Hill, the chairman of PDX Inc., will talk about the use of blockchain to develop a global patient record. Alexander Shulgin, the founder of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, and Dr. Daniel Diemers, partner at PwC, will both talk about enterprise blockchain applications.

Other speakers on Day 2 include TrueReviews founder Connor Murray; Twetch CEO Josh Petty; Clear Markets Founder and President Shawn Dorsch and Thomas Moser, a member of the governing board of the Swiss National Bank.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will participate in a reasoned and thoughtful debate with Dr. Craig Wright, moderated by Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, about the use of digital currencies and blockchain technology to improve the quality of online content. In the afternoon, Dr. Wright will take the stage once again for the famous fireside chat, also moderated by Nguyen. The two will be later joined on stage by renowned American economist, investor and writer George Gilder.

To stay up to date with the conference, download the CoinGeek Conferences app from the Google Play Store. It allows you to register for the conference and contains a detailed schedule for the event. You can also get to chat with other members of the BSV community through its in-app messaging feature, as well as connect to your Twitter account and live tweet the event.

Watch the CoinGeek Seoul Conference Day 2 livestream here.

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