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CoinGeek London Conference: Watch Day 1 Live

The highlight in the Bitcoin calendar for 2020 so far—the CoinGeek Conference in London—is upon us. Delegates from around the world are descending on the Old Billingsgate for two days of wall-to-wall bitcoin. From industry experts and academics through to developers sharing details of their latest projects, the conference is gearing up to be an unmissable event for the global Bitcoin SV (BSV) community.

At CoinGeek, we’re passionate about raising the profile of BSV, and helping as many people understand, build and develop for the blockchain as possible. In keeping with that spirit, the CoinGeek London Conference will be available online to stream live at the livestream link below.

The event kicks off today, with developers and entrepreneurs from dozens of countries expected to be in attendance. They’ll be joined by guest speakers including Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself, Dr. Craig S. Wright. The event will also see presentations from blockchain research firm nChain and speakers from the Bitcoin Association, which champions BSV education around the world.

As well as presentations and lectures on BSV technology and functionality, developers will get the chance to network with others working on BSV projects, fostering a spirit of collaboration across the bitcoin ecosystem. There is even the opportunity to pitch Bitcoin projects at Bitcoin Association’s BSV Venture Pitch Day event.

Now, thanks to the livestream, it’s possible to keep up to date with goings on from the Old Billingsgate even if you can’t make it in person. While it’s no substitute for being there, learning and networking yourself, the conference is sure to inspire BSV developers to push the boundaries with their projects.

The conference is aimed at those with an interest in developing for BSV, though even supporters of other blockchains are welcome to attend. The event has been organized in the spirit of educating developers about the benefits of BSV, and how the technology can be used to develop enterprise-ready blockchain apps.

The London conference builds on the successes of previous events, including the CoinGeek Seoul Conference last fall and the BSV China event in Beijing.

Watch the Day 1 livestream here:

YouTube video

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