CoinGeek bComm Conference rounds up Bitcoin’s biggest minds for one-of-a-kind event

CoinGeek bComm Conference rounds up Bitcoin’s biggest minds for one-of-a-kind event

The eCommerce sector is relying heavily on traditional card payments such as Mastercard and VISA. VISA alone handles 150 million transactions every single day. But what if there is a more convenient and secure way of accepting payments?

At the inaugural Conference, which will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong on May 18, the biggest minds in Bitcoin will present a better way to accept payments and send money—or how to revolutionize transactions not just for today, but for the future.

What merchants really need is cryptocurrency, preferably Bitcoin Cash, which offers bigger blocks for more transactions, faster speed, and lower transaction fees. With Bitcoin Cash, merchants will pay far lower processing fees than on today’s payment card systems, and with instant payment confirmations on the blockchain, chargebacks will create significantly less financial exposure. To explain more the keys to moving eCommerce to Bitcoin Commerce (bCommerce), the conference will be focusing specifically on merchant adoption of the best micropayment solution with the lowest fees for both vendor and buyer.

Among the speakers and thought leaders who will be discussing the best ways to utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency technology for payments in a variety of sectors are Roger Ver, first major investor in Bitcoin startups and CEO of; Dr. Craig Wright, chief scientist of blockchain research and development firm nChain Group; Jerry Chan, chief Bitcoin officer of SBI Bits; Ryan X. Charles, co-founder and CEO of; and Michael Wood, senior corporate counsel of Expedia.

Jimmy Nguyen, CEO of the nChain Group and also an influential figure in the Bitcoin world, will host the one-of-a-kind payments and Bitcoin commerce conference.

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