CoinGeek Backstage with nChain’s Dominic Duffy: Measuring data integrity with Kensei

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After an insightful presentation on Day 2 of the CoinGeek New York Conference, nChain’s Director of Marketing Dominic Duffy joined CoinGeek Backstage to discuss more about the Kensei platform, how they measure data integrity, and their next steps for the company.

Kensei is described by CoinGeek Backstage host Patrick Thompson as a relatively new platform in the BSV blockchain. It is the result of five years of extensive research and development from nChain. Kensei provides companies with access to tamper-proof documents and easily auditable logs without the need to embark on complex blockchain development or onboard an in-house team of experts.

“Kensei is the product of a lot of research, a lot of development from nChain. It is a platform that enables companies to build their products on top of BSV blockchain,” Duffy said. “Kensei itself is all about providing data integrity, and any industry needs data integrity. We did a report with Frost & Sullivan that suggests that companies across every sector have real trouble trusting the data they rely upon. In Kensei, what we’re able to do is provide the platform to provide that integrity. So, in a sense, it’s kind of such a broad use case. I mean, the possibilities are enormous.”

At the moment, many people are still confused about the term “data integrity.” Duffy agrees, describing it as “a very difficult technical function” that nChain is working towards bringing to business.

“One of the questions we get asked is, ‘If it’s data integrity are you fixing bad data?’ Of course, no. No, we’re not doing that. We can’t do that. We don’t know what data is produced [and] whether it’s right or wrong, but what we do is actually ensure data consistency. It’s a very key part of data integrity, and that’s where [you find out] if you’re using the right data and has it changed or not. That’s a very difficult technical function, a technical capability that we bring to business,” the director of marketing noted.

Is the BSV blockchain a great tool to ensure data integrity? For Duffy, it is because BSV blockchain is both scalable and immutable, as he mentioned.

“The BSV blockchain is both scalable, and of course, inherent attribute of blockchain is if you write data to is [if] it’s immutable. So, as a result, what we’re able to do is create a reference point for any document piece of data. A kind of digital fingerprint, and that digital fingerprint is what’s referenced for any subsequent jump in the life cycle of a document or data. So as a result, we can tell categorically whether or not that document has changed and also where it’s changed,” he explains.

Duffy continued by revealing that nChain has been very busy with Kensei CertifyConnect, and Compute—the three products on top of the Kensei platform.

“Kensei at the moment is [made of] three products—its certified, its connect, and its compute. We see a huge application for our compute platform because essentially what that’s doing is enabling companies to test the entire applications from start to finish. To know whether or not the data that fuels them is working as expected. That the applications and the outputs are working as expected. That’s where we’re going to be concentrating a lot of research.”

As for his general takeaway, Duffy kept it short by stating “that Kensei is the gateway to the BSV blockchain.” 

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YouTube video

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