CoinGeek Backstage: Phillip Runyan and Dr. Robert Huber

Episode three of CoinGeek Backstage has just been released on Streamanity.

In this episode, Kurt Wuckert Jr. interviews the managing partner of Veridat Phillip Runyan, while I had the chance to chat with the CEO and founder of Juvatech, Dr. Robert Huber.

Both interviews are highly anticipated, especially after Juvatech caught the attention of many members in the Bitcoin ecosystem once they learned that Juvatech was using the Bitcoin SV blockchain to create a solution to a pressing problem in the medical field.

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What to expect

In the first part of the interview, Kurt and Phillip explore what Veridat does in the world of drug-development, why Bitcoin plays a crucial role in solving the oversight problem in medicine, and the issues with how the FDA currently operates.

In the second part of the interview, Dr. Huber and I discuss what Juvatech is, the inefficiencies that exist overseas in the medical industry, why a Bitcoin solution is a great option to those inefficiencies, how Juvatech and Runyan’s Veridat work together, the benefits of having an auditable trail of data on the blockchain in the medical industry, and what we can expect to see from Juvatech in the future as well as what the Juvatech team is currently working on.

The full schedule

In the CoinGeek Backstage series, Kurt and I interview many individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem and go behind the scenes to learn more about what they are working on, why they are working towards solving that problem, and how Bitcoin plays a role in their solution(s). 

A new episode of CoinGeek Backstage will be released on Streamanity every Tuesday until January 19.

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