Codugh is giving API developers the economic incentive they deserve

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Coders love to code. It’s in their blood and their minds essentially 24 hours a day. From a solution to provide a simple hook between two applications, to a major world-changing application, there is always something new being developed. One problem, though, is that many developers have no way to be properly rewarded for their efforts. With the help of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the solution can be found in Codugh. Codugh is an API (application programming interface) marketplace that allows developers to earn BSV every time a call is made to an API they have distributed, and which has been implemented in any application. Co-founder and CEO Shashank Singhal was in London for the CoinGeek Conference in February, where he caught up with Hannah Jackson to talk about the latest in Codugh.

Codugh makes it possible for developers to receive economic rewards every time one of their APIs is used, no matter where it is in the world. It is a remarkable tool in that it helps ensure developers are paid for their efforts, but also because it incentivizes new solutions and competition. With the chance of earning an income by offering a chargeable API, programmers from anywhere in the world can create new solutions and distribute them across the globe, regardless of where they live. Receiving payments through the original Bitcoin directly into their wallet means they can receive payments without the need for a bank account and without having to hassle with invoicing.

With money on the line, developers have an increased incentive to build better products and create an API market that is more robust and complete than ever before. Codugh offers a system to verify the reliability of an offered solution, including user feedback and ratings, as well as performance badges. These badges can be based on the uptime and reaction time of the API, monetization achievements, quantifiable client achievements and much more, all providing a snapshot of how users of the API can trust the solution.

Because BSV is the only blockchain that facilitates unlimited scaling and microtransactions, it is the ideal solution for Codugh. The cost of using the API can be set by the developer, and would most likely be only a couple of cents, or less, per call. These types of transactions are what have driven BSV to lead the way in microtransaction processing.

Moving forward, Codugh is going to be integrating with Bitping and Loggeru to help it provide a more complete solution. Through the link with Bitping, the APIs can be monitored for uptime and performance from different parts of the world, and Loggeru will allow all activity connected to an API, such as the number of calls, to be logged. These integrations provide another layer of transparency and reliability for the coding solutions, making the API market function more efficiently and thoroughly.

Singhal explained to Jackson that Codugh, which won the second BSV virtual hackathon, is soon going to be releasing its alpha version to the community. He added that Codugh and BSV are empowering developers in new ways that were not possible before, and creating new economic opportunities that will drive further maturity of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Codugh is undoubtedly a blockchain-based solution that is going to find unlimited support from developers around the world.

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