Real estate PropTech Zweispace choses Bitcoin SV as its public blockchain

Real estate proptech Zweispace chooses Bitcoin SV as its public blockchain

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Another exciting blockchain business has partnered with Bitcoin SV (BSV), and in doing so, has proven that a more mature approach to blockchain development is the correct approach. Zweispace, a real estate blockchain company founded by 20-year veteran of the industry Hayato Kameta, announced their choice of BSV as their public blockchain in a recent press release.

The blockchain-powered PropTech company, based in Tokyo and with offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore, has built a Zweichain system, which is German for two chains. Their business model is to track real estate titles and information by writing to their own private chain, and they have now selected BSV as their public chain, completing the two chain system.

The application they are working on will allow real estate’s titles and leasing contracts to be stored on chain, along with earthquake information recorded by internet of things (IoT) devices, critical details for either the Japanese or California real estate markets. They elaborate: “By using these apps, realtors can evaluate the price of property and list it on the real estate portal site.”

Zweispace’s decision to tokenize on the BSV chain was made for several reasons, but the security of the BSV chain was the top factor. This was influenced by nChain’s professional approach to security, with its rigorous testing and bounty system for vulnerabilities.

Another important factor in the decision was BSV’s philosophical approach to regulation, and it’s decision to work with global government regulations, rather than against them. Because BSV has chosen to play nice with government’s, its ready to work within the law right now, and that made it more appealing to Zweispace.

The other factors that lead the real estate property tech company to choose BSV are also unsurprising. They cited the scalability and low fees of the BSV network as being an appealing factor, and stability of the protocol as a criterion for any blockchain they chose. Although that wasn’t the top factor for their choice, considering BSV is the only Bitcoin protocol to opt for a stable protocol, it made their choice clear.

With the decision, Zweispace brings an exciting new product with an impactful business model to the BSV blockchain. With “massive real estate data” already in their system, they can now sync up to BSV and complete their vision with the only blockchain that pursues an economic vision that works for businesses.

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