CoinGeek Toronto to feature Jimmy Nguyen, Craig Wright Fireside Chat

The CoinGeek Toronto Bitcoin scaling conference is now just a couple of weeks away on May 30 (with a special Developers Day on May 29). For those in attendance, they’ll have a special opportunity to attend a Fireside Chat, at the end of the main conference day May 30, featuring Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen as moderator, and nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright, the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and creator of Bitcoin.

The two will sit down and have a wide ranging discussion about the beginnings of Bitcoin, the destiny that Bitcoin was created to achieve, and how Bitcoin SV (BSV) is fulfilling the destiny of Satoshi Vision. As is often the case with Dr. Wright, the conversation will be unfiltered, and he will offer up more information than we’ve seen before.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from Dr. Wright directly, as he has decided to remove himself from social media. Dr. Wright continues to publish new information on Medium, however it is often on the topic of the day, and he doesn’t have Nguyen there to follow up on interesting tidbits that we may want to know more about.

In this 40 minute discussion, will Nguyen ask Wright more about why he became Satoshi, and why he gave it up? Perhaps Wright will expand on the early days of Bitcoin, and the truth of how it came to be created. Nguyen might press him enough to reveal never-before-heard facts that will shake the crypto world. Wright’s biggest continued contribution to Bitcoin, is his innate ability to envision new possibilities and chart a path to them, and there will be plenty for him and Nguyen to talk about as BSV continues to move towards mass adoption.

Whatever they discuss, it’s an opportunity that any fan of Bitcoin can’t afford to miss. The depth of conversation will be fascinating and worth the cost of admission alone, but add on the exclusive tidbits that will likely come out of it, and it’s guaranteed to be a highlight of the conference.

If you’d like to attend, get your tickets now by registering online. Besides being a celebration of BSV and its massive blockchain scaling, there will be so many exciting developments that you won’t want to miss.

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