Centbee's Lorien Gamaroff on how to get people on board Bitcoin

Centbee’s Lorien Gamaroff on how to get people on board Bitcoin

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There is always a lot of activity going on behind the scenes that most cryptocurrency fans don’t see. The idea is to develop the industry to make adoption easier and more widespread and this is best facilitated when multiple minds can get together and collectively discuss what’s going on. Lorien Gamaroff, the co-founder and CEO of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet Centbee, recently traveled from his home in South Africa to London for that very reason, and took a few minutes to discuss what’s going on with CoinGeek’s own Becky Liggero in a short interview.

As everyone understands, one of the most important aspects of crypto is having it accepted on a large scale by both retailers and consumers. Gamaroff and Centbee are working hard to help this onboarding process and recently launched a system in South Africa that allows any retailer to sell BSV over the counter. Consumers can select the amount of BSV to purchase using fiat and the merchant delivers a Centbee-generated bar code that can be scanned to allow the completion of the transaction. As Gamaroff indicates, the opportunities for South African crypto adoption are phenomenal.

The executive traveled to the recent Bitcoin Association wallet workshop, which was held in London. It was a long journey, but one that Gamaroff asserts has tangible value. It offered the participants the ability to pool their resources and put their collective expertise to work in order to brainstorm and make the Bitcoin space better. In addition to nChain experts, minds behind Bitcoin solutions such as HandCash and Money Button, among others, were on hand. Gamaroff explained, “There’s a lot of valuable insight that all the people here have and it’s very important to share that. We are all specialists in our own way and sometimes it’s very easy to get, kind of, tunnel vision, focus on your own thing. What we’ve been able to do here is share ideas, share experiences, things that we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made and being able to benefit from all that valuable insight and being able to share all that.

That interaction will also prove beneficial as the different Bitcoin developers begin to work toward evolving Bitcoin even more. There will be greater accessibility, enhanced tools and services and more that will all make it easier for developers to create their applications, which will help promote consumer adoption.

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