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Calvin Ayre: The floodgates will be opened once we can prove unbounded scaling

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In recent times, the appeal of speculative pump-and-dump tokens with no utility has been waning as investors pivot to blockchain networks with real utility, like BSV blockchain. This is just the beginning, and the floodgates will open once the BSV blockchain ecosystem proves its unbounded scaling to the world, Ayre Group and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre believes.

Ayre was at the London Blockchain Conference, where he gave his customary opening speech to a packed and eager audience. CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero spoke to the event producer about the success of the conference series and the future of BSV blockchain.

Everything is going our way right now. We have a tidal wave of new people finding out that blockchain technology was developed to solve big data challenges and not for the aberration that is crypto,” the CoinGeek founder stated.

The three-day event was a massive success, attracting thousands of people on-site and hundreds of thousands more online. And while most of the BSV blockchain “OGs” were present, the event brought in a significant number of new faces, most of whom are new to BSV and blockchain in general.

This, Ayre believes, reflects the departure from speculation and get-rich-quick schemes that have bedeviled the industry for over a decade.

Bitcoin was initially a technology for startups seeking a technology that could scale massively to give them an edge over multinationals. However, it has gradually grown past the startup ecosystem and is now attracting bigger enterprises and governments. Ayre thinks this new customer base holds the key to BSV’s long-term success.

“What’s going to drive this technology going forward is going to be us solving big data challenges for big enterprises and governments,” he noted.

This renewed focus on enterprise adoption is a key reason the conference series rebranded and made London its permanent home.

‘The floodgates will be opened once we prove unbounded scaling’

The ‘crypto’ industry’s never-ending scams and pump-and-dump schemes have negatively impacted many of the features blockchain offers. This includes NFTs which have become a symbol of the greater fool theory in the sector. But according to Ayre, “it really doesn’t matter. You can rename what an NFT is by what it does.”

While NFTs blew up as speculative tokens, he believes they have massive value to offer if deployed in the right way and on the right platform. RAD NFTV is a great example of a BSV blockchain-powered platform utilizing NFTs to create real utility and solve a real user challenge.

All these applications are only possible on a massively scaling blockchain network, Ayre pointed out.

“Who can make a successful business on a platform where as soon as you start to taste success, you hit a scaling wall?” He asked.

And while BSV blockchain is already the global leader in blockchain scaling, Ayre believes it still has more to give. The launch of the Teranode in the near future will “create unbounded scaling.” This, coupled with BSV’s stable protocol, will make using BSV blockchain a no-brainer for developers and enterprises.

“It feels like a majority of the applications that are really serious are already here, but the floodgates will be opened once we can prove unbounded scaling,” he said.

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