Calvin Ayre increases investment in Bitcoin SV ecosystem with funding for sCrypt smart contract venture

Recent investments have come thick and fast as the momentum builds (literally) on the BSV blockchain. BSV can now boast consistently more transactions and bigger block sizes than BTC, but don’t take our word for it:

Now new venture sCrypt Inc. receives a funding boost which will bring smart contracts to the BSV blockchain: sCrypt is a high-level smart contract language which allows developers to more easily write smart contracts on Bitcoin SV, without  having to use the more cumbersome bitcoin Script.

Xiaohui Liu, sCrypt’s Founder, commented: “The scaling power of the BSV blockchain makes it the best place to build, in fact, the only place to build. The investment boost means we can now speed up the process of making smart contracts on chain accessible to anybody.”

sCrypt is designed to facilitate writing smart contracts running on chain:

• It is easy to learn. Syntactically, sCrypt is similar to the Solidity language used with the Ethereum platform, making it easier to be adopted by existing smart contract developers. However, the resemblance is only superficial, since sCrypt is compiled into Bitcoin Script by the underlying compiler, instead of EVM bytecode.
• It is statically typed. Type checking can help detect many errors at compile time.
• It comes with a full-fledged IDE, including editor, compiler, interpreter, and debugger. The first version is web based, no installation required to start playing immediately.

In addition to the smart contract language itself, sCrypt intends to build products that make the language easily useable.

The investment comes as a result of sCrypt participating in Bitcoin Association’s first ever BSV Venture Pitch Day, held in conjunction with the recent CoinGeek conference in Seoul, South Korea in October 2019. The Bitcoin Association is dedicated to advance the Bitcoin SV business ecosystem, and will hold another Pitch Day before the CoinGeek London conference in February 2020.  Interested BSV ventures can apply for a spot here.

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