Buskon helps South Korea discover jazz music in BSV Stories

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March 30 marked the debut of BSV Stories, with its very first episode, “Making Music with Bitcoin.” In the first episode of this new series from CoinGeek, Stephanie Tower explored South Korea’s music scene, and how, through Bitcoin SV (BSV), Buskon is helping to transform everyday lives.

While K-Pop is the most prominent form of South Korean music, it’s not the only one, so Tower starts the video by visiting a local jazz club, Diva Janus, where she meets owner and jazz performer Malo. Malo started the club as a place to play every day while entertaining crowds with her jazzy sounds. She notes that there aren’t that many jazz clubs in South Korea, so this is a way to find an audience.

But with Buskon, the new app from ONE Store, BSV may help artists like Malo to find a broader audience. Tower sat down with CEO Jay Lee, who explained how it works. “Anybody wants to upload their busking theme, busking video, with music to our platform, and distribute to the customers.”

Using the Buskon platform, artists upload performances, and end users can discover musicians they enjoy for free. Users can then tip musicians they enjoy most with Touch tokens, which can then result in profit for the artist, as Lee explained: “From Touch to BSV, and then BSV to cash.”

Thanks to Bitcoin SV’s unique ability to handle micropayments, tiny tips from thousands of users can be handled without back-breaking fees. This makes for a blockchain-based experience that allows for free music for end-users and profits for artists. “We want to experience, proactively experience, explore the opportunity in blockchain industry,” Lee said.

Tower then returns to Diva Janus, where Malo has taken the stage for an eager audience of the Bitcoin Association. Malo belts out her tunes as the audience claps along, but proving the value of Buskon, several users at the bar can easily and quickly find Malo in the app and give her a little tip for her excellent performance.

This is just one of the ways BSV is helping to change daily interactions between everyday people and reward the true value of the work talented people like Malo are creating. If you haven’t seen the first edition of BSV Stories yet, check it out below.

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