BSV Stories premiere episode ‘Making Music with Bitcoin’ airs today

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We’ve been working for some time now on the first edition of BSV Stories, and it’s nearly here. “Making Music with Bitcoin” will be released today, March 30, at 10:00 a.m. GMT, 5:00 a.m. EDT on YouTube.

BSV Stories will demonstrate how real life use of Bitcoin SV (BSV) applications affect every day people. The Bitcoin community is improving the lives of business people, big and small, through unlimited scaling, stable protocols, and useful real world use cases.

This first episode of BSV Stories, airing today, will focus on the South Korean music scene. Musicians are quickly discovering that with an app on their phone, powered by BSV, they can realize entirely new ways of reaching a larger audience and monetizing their work.

Host Stephanie Tower will take you to the offices of Buskon, where you’ll learn why they developed this awesome new app, and why they decided to build it on BSV. She’ll then take you to a jazz club in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, and discover how a musician and audience with little knowledge of Bitcoin are using it to improve their experience.

CoinGeek hopes to produce several more BSV Stories. Real world applications, such as money remittance, advertising and more, is making Bitcoin more common place, and reaching people who have no idea they are even using BSV. CoinGeek will explore these stories, and show the world how Bitcoin is making it better.

As Buskon will tell you in this first episode, none of this could be possible without the unlimited scaling and professionalism of BSV. Thanks to the extremely low fees of BSV, microtransactions are made possible, allowing totally new applications of digital assets. Combine that with BSV’s ability to be a data ledger to the world, and you have a technology that can shoulder all of the needs of an enterprise, large or small, and allow totally new applications that could have never been achieved before.

Don’t miss out on episode 1 of BSV Stories, “Making Music with Bitcoin,” airing today, 10:00 am GMT, 5:00 am EDT on YouTube.

YouTube video

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