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BSV Wales ‘Bitcoin and Data’ meetup: How blockchain improves lives of people on national scale

BSV Wales held its first meetup of the year, “Bitcoin and Data,” on March 30, featuring three speakers—Dr. Hossein Jahanshahloo from Cardiff University Business School, Dr. Imtiaz Khan from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and George Samuels the founder of Faiā.

Each speaker is working on a blockchain-based project, and one element that made the Bitcoin and Data meetup interesting was that none of the speakers were building on the same blockchain.

Dr. Jahanshahloo’s Cardiff University Bitcoin Database (CUBiD) lives on the BTC blockchain, Dr. Imtiaz Khan’s blockchain solution leverages Ethereum smart contracts, and George Samuels and the Tuvalu government are using the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain to solve some of the nation’s problems.

The meet-up began with BSV Wales organizer Jack Davies laying out the agenda for the day and introducing each of the speakers on the schedule. Afterward, Dr. Jahanshahloo took the virtual stage to talk about CUBiD and its use cases. CUBiD is a BTC-based tool that takes the data within the immutable chain of blocks and sorts it in ways that individuals working in a variety of industries, such as accounting, research, academia, law, and finance would find useful.

Dr. Khan gave a presentation titled, “Increasing Public Service Operational Efficiency with Blockchain Technology,” in which he explored how blockchain can solve some of the trust challenges that exist when it comes to fraud detection, land registry, corporate responsibilities, data interoperability, and many other public service operations.

George Samuels gave the last presentation of the day, “Blockchain in Tuvalu: Digital Immortality & Big Cultural Data (BCD).” Samuels gave the audience insight into the project that his company Faiā is working on with the Tuvalu government in collaboration with nChain and Elas Digital. Samuels described the obstacles that Tuvalu is facing especially in regard to its geographical location and rising sea levels. He went on to tell the audience why the Tuvalu government was interested in using blockchain and Bitcoin SV to solve their issues, including issues that are derived from climate change.

Samuels talks about why Tuvalu gravitated toward BSV opposed to other blockchains, what Tuvalu is looking forward to, and what the challenges appear to be as Samuels and his team work on the first major government project on BSV.

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