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BSV’s scaling will change governance, banking, agriculture, Dr. Mohamed Essaaidi tells CoinGeek Backstage

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In today’s fast-evolving world, access to the latest technology has become the defining factor that accelerates economic growth for any country. By organizing the Global IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit in Morocco, Dr. Mohamed Essaaidi played his part in bringing global experts to the country. As he told CoinGeek Backstage, he believes that blockchain is the catalyst that the North African nation needs to boost its economy.

Dr. Essaaidi is the chair of the IEEE Morocco Blockchain Group and was one of the key organizers of the Summit, which was held at the International University of Rabat. 

“The purpose [of the event] is to help the country access world-leading technology, which is blockchain, through world-renowned experts from different parts of the world who covered all kinds of aspects related to blockchain,” he told CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero.

Essaaidi, who has been with the IEEE for the past three decades, says it’s critical for Morocco to embrace blockchain in industrial and government applications. He has been working with the Moroccan government through the Digital Development Agency and believes this will play a big role in growing human capital in the country.

At the Summit, some of the leading experts in blockchain, IoT, 5G, and IPv6 went on stage, led by Dr. Craig Wright and Latif Ladid. They all delivered their presentations to a visibly excited audience, with Essaaidi noting that “we don’t have such speakers here on a daily basis. It was very exceptional, that’s why people were really excited.”

With his background in computer science, Essaaidi has been interested in blockchain for years now and has been researching its application to solve the challenges facing Morocco. Currently, he’s working with a student at the university on a blockchain-based platform for smart city security and privacy enhancement. He has also been involved in other projects integrating blockchain in different sectors such as agritech.

As with everyone else at the summit, Essaaidi was quite impressed with Dr. Wright and the BSV contingency, who talked to the attendees about how BSV’s massive scaling allows for a world of good for real-world applications. He believes that this scaling makes it possible to build applications on BSV that can transform governance, banking, agriculture, commodities, and more.

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