BSV devs launch ‘Office Hours’ to help others develop on blockchain

Bitcoin developers can now develop with some assistance. A new platform has been introduced that offers consulting services and solutions for anyone looking to build on the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV (BSV). The website is now open for business.

The launch was announced on Twitter, with “syn-fo-naut,” the platform’s developer, stating, “I’m launching Bitcoin SV Developers today! If you want to create your project on BSV/Metanet, come get help through Office Hours and Consulting. The goal of this project is to help as many people as possible build and work full-time on BSV.”

Office Hours is a platform that allows developers to get help with their plans through scheduled interaction with a knowledgeable expert. According to the bitcoinsvdevelopers website, “Office Hours lets you chat directly with knowledgeable Bitcoin SV developers about your project. Reach out below to someone you think might be able to help. If they think they can help they’ll set up a chat or point you in the right direction. Office Hours tend to last 1 hour.”

The BSV blockchain has seen more – and more useful – development than any other blockchain. Projects such as Twetch, Yours, Bitstagram, WeatherSV, Tokenized, Legally Chained and others are just some of the many solutions that enable BSV to be recognized as the truly global business-centered blockchain.

According to the website, there are a number of tools that developers have at their disposal that can help improve the development process. The site suggests, “Consider reviewing the tools from unwriter like Neon Planaria, BitDB and Eventchain that make it easy to read data from the blockchain. There are great writeups available at Tutorials and Articles,” adding, “And if you’re completely new, consider taking a JavaScript course (like Javascript 30, Egghead or Eloquent Javascript) or learning HTML and CSS. Also remember that if you can do design, sales, marketing or customer development—many developers will want to team up with you.”

All of the projects mentioned above, and many more interesting solutions, are going to soon be covered in a series on CoinGeek designed to provide real-world, user-friendly reviews for non-technical cryptocurrency fans. The reviews will give users the ability to understand how easy it is to get started with the applications and better understand why BSV is able to make the progress it has already seen.

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