Windows XP is now available on the BSV blockchain

Windows XP now available on Bitcoin SV blockchain

In what is most likely a first for blockchains, a developer has created a version of Windows XP that runs completely on the blockchain. It was built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, which reiterates BSV’s position as the most versatile and development-friendly blockchain, and also has an additional reason to gloat. It’s probably the first version of XP that will actually work right.

The site was presented to the public by on Twitter, who wrote, “A website that looks and works like windows XP.. but runs on Bitcoin (BSV).” A link to the platform was included, and it’s actually pretty cool.

Using the interface, visitors can interact with File Explorer, WinAmp, Internet Explorer, the Start menu and more. They can even play a live game of Microsoft’s Minesweeper as if they were sitting in front of a real Windows XP machine. Want to draw using Microsoft Paint? Double-click the icon and go for it.

BSV Dragon points out that the platform is an offshoot of another online XP version, found at However, it’s still cool. Interacting with websites is nothing new—everyone does it every time they’re surfing the web. This time, though, complete interaction is made possible over the BSV blockchain. This is something that isn’t possible with other networks.

BSV makes it possible because of the amount of development that has gone into the blockchain and because of the ability to routinely handle blocks that are substantially larger than what are found with other blockchains. BSV has already proven that blocks of over 1 gigabyte are possible and don’t require more than some code tweaking to function. This is in line with what Satoshi envisioned when he first described Bitcoin in his whitepaper, and shows that other crypto platforms have been completely wrong in their assertion that large blocks weren’t possible.

Development continues to advance and BSV is proving itself to be a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space. There is still a lot to be done, but the creative minds never rest and the possibilities are limitless. Just like every new technology has to evolve, so does blockchain technology and BSV developers and enthusiasts are showing that they’re more than willing to lead the charge.

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