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BSV blockchain is changing online gaming sector: John Brackens on CoinGeek Backstage

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Blockchain and gaming are a perfect match, and during CoinGeek Zurich, there was a lot of discussions on how the two are fusing. One of those who offered his perspective is John Brackens, who joined Becky Liggero on this episode of CoinGeek Backstage to talk about why BSV blockchain is perfect for the online gaming industry.

Brackens is the CTO of Nasdaq-listed Esports Entertainment Group (NASDAQ: GMBL), a Malta-based online gambling company. His career in this sector has seen him head network operations at American video game giant Activision Blizzard. He joined a CoinGeek Zurich panel moderated by Becky Liggero on eSports on blockchain and on the sidelines of the event, he talked to CoinGeek Backstage about how his company is exploring the technology.

“My team has been looking at blockchain for quite a number of months now and we definitely recognize the inherent benefits to what blockchain has to offer in our industry,” he told CoinGeek.

“Being able to use the system [blockchain] and transfer those intrinsic benefits from that system into what we’re doing, and elevating the trust levels with our community, our customers and regulators, for us that’s a win-win situation.”

With this in mind, choosing BSV blockchain was a no-brainer for Brackens. He said that looking at the blockchain ecosystem, it’s clear which project is focusing on the benefits of a massively scalable, stable and secure blockchain, “versus the ones that are focusing on the financial benefits.”

YouTube video

One of the biggest pain points in the online gambling industry is ensuring regulatory compliance, and blockchain technology is helping solve this, Brackens noted. Being an immutable, transparent and publicly available ledger, it allows regulators to easily monitor operations.

“Having a transparent way to be able to hand that information over to them, in a frictionless way that minimizes the actual work we have to do and reduces our costs… that’s the panacea of where we want to get to.”

EEG is also exploring the rapidly-growing world of NFTs. Brackens observed that while NFTs have become quite popular, they have mostly been looked at as a way to make money on platforms like OpenSea. However, EEG is seeking to make NFTs items that are part of the gaming ecosystem.

“We want to do NFTs in a way that actually adds more meaning and value to them,” he remarked.

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