BSV App Dev - Lise Li

BSV app dev event in Shenzhen equips developers with building tools

The Bitcoin SV application developers’ conference was recently held in Shenzhen, China, to great success. Bitcoin Association teamed up with SatoPlay to host the event which sought to equip developers with the insight and tools they need to build on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The half-day event was held on October 24 in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It allowed the attendees to learn from the six speakers on why BSV is the only blockchain that can support scalable applications, how to build on the BSV blockchain and the tools available to help them build their applications.

The event was geared towards sparking developers’ interest in building on Bitcoin, a fete it certainly achieved. It was broadcast live, allowing even more developers to benefit from the presentations across the globe. The event attracted over 50 attendees, with a big number of them being developers working at top tech companies including tech and software giants Tencent and Kingsoft respectively.

Bitcoin Association’s China Manager Lise Li was the first to take to the stage where she spoke about why BSV is superior to all the other public blockchains. Being the only blockchain that can scale massively and with very low transaction fees, BSV allows the developers to build applications for the masses.

“I am very happy to see that our conference attracted senior engineers from some of the top companies in both Shenzhen and Zhuhai. This kind of event helps us to become familiar with these talented developers who have started to learn Bitcoin technology, as well as start-ups who are considering BSV projects,” Li told CoinGeek.

“Offline activities also help to build an efficient communications platform for them. In the future, Bitcoin Association will expand the influence of Bitcoin SV technology and share its vision step-by-step with more developers to further support projects and business development activities in China.”

With BSV gaming platform SatoPlay being the co-host of the event, the online gaming industry was a ley focus for the event. SatoPlay founder Gu Lu was one of the speakers, with his presentation focusing on his area of expertise—online gaming. Lu gave a detailed review of the development tools and technologies available for developers on BSV. As he observed, many developers have found it challenging to onboard users onto their blockchain applications, a challenge BSV developers are attempting to solve.

You can watch all the presentations from the Bitcoin Association developers’ conference here.

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